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Batesville, AR 72503

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Based in Batesville, Arkansas, Pro Se Productions has become a leader on the cutting edge of New Pulp Fiction in a very short time.

Pulp Fiction, known by many names and identified as being action/adventure, fast paced, hero versus villain, over the top characters and tight, yet extravagant plots, is experiencing a resurgence like never before. And Pro Se Press, publishing New Pulp since August, 2011, is a major part of the revival, one of the reasons that New Pulp is growing by leaps and bounds!

Pro Se is the place to find Super Heroes, Explorers, Fairies, Werewolves, Men's Men, and Femme Fatales.  Specializing primarily in prose books, anthologies, and magazines, Pro Se has made a commitment to 'Put the Monthly Back into Pulp' and continues to do that successfully, producing at least one New Pulp work every month!  

Pro Se is an innovator in New Pulp, continually refining its presentation and product and working on exciting new veins of New Pulp to bring to readers and fans of all ages everywhere!

Voice of Pro Se Audiobooks


Pro Se Productions was the first company formally involved in the New Pulp Movement to enter into the world of audiobooks with its original line of magazines.  Pro Se, in conjunction with New Pulp audiobook pioneer Dynamic Ram Audio Productions moved forward with quality Audiobook Pulp projects.

After Dynamic Ram headed in its own direction, Pro Se continued its commitment to turn its catalog into audiobooks.  Pro Se and Radio Archives, the leading producer of Pulp Audiobooks, both Classic and New, have teamed up to do just that.  With the best narrators available and top notch production, Radio Archives is producing the majority of Pro Se’s catalog, past and future, as audiobooks ready made for digital download. Now you can hear the Best of Genre Fiction from Pro Se as produced by Radio Archives!

Dusky derring-doer and Korean War jet jockey Lieutenant Rufus "Rocket" Crockett has thwarted a plot to flood America with a new species of heroin. But he has offended a terrifying, irresistible enemy: the Shanghai She-Devil. Her recompense? His flesh, his very soul.

In this homage to 1950s pulp, our hero battles gangsters on the streets of Harlem, assassins in the High Sierras, and MiGs in the skies over the South China Sea toward his showdown with an ancient evil! Author Christopher Chambers' high-flying hero takes to the skies once more in Rocket Crockett and the Shanghai She-Devil from Pro Se Productions!

"This stew of Cold War adventure, sorcery and post-modern cheek carries echoes of both Quentin Tarantino and Iceberg Slim, but it's safe to say that Christopher Chambers has found a pulp niche all his own!"- Louis Bayard, New Times best-selling author of Roosevelt's Beast and Mr. Timothy

"Strap in, adjust your goggles and get ready for a rip-roaring adventure as Christopher Chambers burns his storytelling jets incandescent in Rocket Crockett and the Shanghai She-Devil." - Gary Phillips, editor of Black Pulp and Nate Hollis.

In the Near Future, a Red Death will cover the world. As civilization struggles to survive, one government emerges with a sliver of hope - The Strategic Agency against Viral Infections by Organized Resistance. SAVIOR.

SAVIOR delivered on the promise of a miracle cure, elevating themselves into legends...but behind every legend lies truths and secrets...truths and secrets former SAVIOR agent Steve Ryker has sworn to bring into the light...even if it kills him.

SAVIOR is the debut novel of author Don Thomas, a mainstay writer of Pro Se Presents, a two year award-winning New Pulp magazine.

Complete with fully realized characters, lightning fast pacing, and more meteoric action, SAVIOR proves to be a solid, taut science fiction thriller!

The winds of change blow for everyone...even Lazarus Gray.

The Adventures of Lazarus Gray: Volume Five by Barry Reese continues the tale of the man once without identity and now filled only with purpose! Forming an alliance with other lost souls, Gray and his team stand as Assistance Unlimited and now face their greatest threats ever!

Thrill along with Gray and Assistance Unlimited as they face new dangers, battle old foes, and even cross paths with Ron Fortier's mysterious undead avenger - Brother Bones!

And Lazarus Gray begins the greatest adventure of his life, one that will change everything....

Prepare yourself for the unexpected as you return to Sovereign City and The Adventures of Lazarus Gray, from Reese Unlimited and Pro Se Productions.

Ben Dauber had much to learn about the newspaper business. And about being a man. He found himself in a place and time some would call Heaven, others Hell to learn both. Desert Sun, Red Blood by E. W. Farnsworth is a collection of tales during the time of the Indian wars in the lawless Arizona Territory. Ben Dauber found himself among a rough-and-tumble group of renegade Apaches, range settlers, saloon girls, professional gamblers, seedy lawmen, a hanging judge, gunslingers, desperate thieves and murders, con men, land-grabbing ranchers, ruthless claim jumpers, steely-eyed railroad operatives, dashing cavalry officers and spirited frontier women who knew how to ride, track, and use weapons as well as men. While Dauber gradually traces the secret activities of moneyed railroad interests in the Territory, he learns what it takes to live...and die like a man in the Territory from all around him, including his mentor Judge Richard Hastings, the renegade Apache Durang, and a young frontier girl in buckskin and lace known as Nance, the Bottle Blonde of Albuquerque, the only love of Kit Carson, a dandy and gambler. Desert Sun, Red Blood by E. W. Farnsworth. From Pro Se Productions.

In the year 2212, long after the world has been reshaped by seismic cataclysms and polar shifts, Princess Angelique Bosc recovers from a terrible hovercraft accident, which left her injured and near death. Her friend and physician, Dr. Laurent Stine, used his skills as a robotics engineer to replace her damaged organs with android components. Angelique realizes that her mechanical heart will require a fresh battery pack within 48 hours. However, a loathed and exiled warlock, Xavier Thames, steals all of the battery packs and transports them to his castle, Thames Keep, in order to build a time machine. Angelique, Dr. Stine, and their allies are forced to embark on a long, perilous journey to Thames Keep located on Cadaver Island. Can they reach Thames Keep and replace Angelique's battery pack before she goes into cardiac arrest?

Cadaver Island is the first installment of a trilogy by author Kevin Rodgers, who introduces listeners to a fractured, ruined world where forgotten, legendary creatures live and thrive in towering mountains, magical forests, and barren deserts. Angelique Bosc and her allies will traverse harsh, nightmarish landscapes to discover the secrets of the past, stabilize events in the present day, and unlock the mysteries of the future. Cadaver Island is a mind-blowing futuristic horror thriller guaranteed to chill and amaze! From Pro Se Productions, a leader in genre and new pulp fiction!

There's a full house...the lights are dimmed...the audience is seated...and the best seat in the house is saved for you - in the front row - for The New Adventures of Diamondstone the Magician from Pulp Obscura, by Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press!

Created by master pulp author G. T. Fleming, Diamondstone the Magician was a seasoned sleight-of-hand artist and stage illusionist who dabbled in the investigation of crime as an amateur detective. Aided by his friend and assistant, Absalom, Diamondstone uses his skills, tricks, and wits to confound, confuse, and capture criminals who believe that they can outsmart justice using smoke and mirrors!

From out of the past comes new tales of the magician sleuth written by Chuck Miller, Russ Anderson, Jr., Lee Houston, Jr., and Nicholas Ahlhelm. Watch as Diamondstone gives some of his finest performances ever as he steps into the spotlight to solve strange cases and exciting new mysteries in The New Adventures of Diamondstone the Magician from Pulp Obscura!

The world of Mythas is in transition. The old gods are near forgotten and a palpable tension hangs in the air. This is especially apparent to two young magic-casting brothers, Lawrence and Hesikiah, raised by a father who was a War Mage of the highest caliber and a mother whose shrewd diplomacy helped to forge the alliances of the five great nations to the West. Even with a lineage such as this, neither brother could have imagined the role they and the other valiant heroes soon to join them would play on the world stage. Or that their coming had been foretold in a series of ancient prophecies.

Pro Se Productions presents The Brothers Jade, an exciting tale of fantasy and magic by author Don Thomas. Set on the landscape of his own imagination, Thomas creates a cast of characters that not only stand sword to shield with other fantasy creations, but also carry humanity in their every action. The Brothers Jade is as much a story of family and heroism and loyalty as it is of monsters, mages, and battle. Both a quest tale and a rousing adventures, The Brothers Jade brings out another aspect that is often overlooked in fantasy works. It is also a coming of age tale sat against the stark backdrop of intrigue and adventure, action and danger. A rousing adventure for any fan of Fantasy. The Brothers Jade by Don Thomas from Pro Se Productions, the leader in New Pulp and Genre Fiction.

Peabody Rich is a boy with an unusual problem; he remembers everything he sees. When his mentor is attacked on the Wartley University campus near Washington, D.C., Peabody and his friends are unknowingly put in danger.

With their parents out of the country on business and their sitter in jail for attempted murder, Peabody and his friends must use his "gifts" to unravel a clue and find his mentor's attackers. They must avoid the police finding out they are on their own, outsmart school and museum officials, and outrun thugs in a high-speed chase through Washington, D.C. to get to the bottom of what's been going on at Wartley University.

Little do they know that while they are hunting for answers, Tobias is hunting for them.

Professor Ulysses King and his companions travel the foldspace between alternate realities to thwart nefarious history-twisting plots from his homeworld Olympus. With Amazonian arena-warrior Pandora, out-of-his-depth reporter Jake Gannon, marked-for-death scientist Crystal Lee, and worlds-spanning travel machine NotTA, King faces those who regard humanity as test subjects, cannon fodder, raw material, or mere entertainment. But there are dangers in foldspace of which neither King nor his enemies are yet aware - those who seek absolute control! In the tradition of Doctor Who and SlidersThe Many Worlds of Ulysses King collects the talents of Mark Beaulieu, Mark Bousquet, Sean Taylor, and IA Watson to forge a new mythology where high adventure, high science, and high strangeness meet. Ulysees King is on his voyages - and each discovery might be his last!

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's creation that literally changed the face of fiction and popular culture lives on in a daring new imprint from Pro Se Productions. Author Nikki Nelson-Hicks takes Holmes and Dr. Watson on a mystifying, shocking journey into mystery and intrigue in the line's debut volume - The Astonishing Tales of Sherlock Holmes: The Shrieking Pits!

Dr. John Watson discovers that his friend, Sherlock Holmes, has gone missing while hunting fairies in Norfolk with Ulysses K. Todd and his secretary, Mrs. Bernardine Dowell. Concerned that his friend is on a drug induced bender, Watson goes with the pair to Almertune to help his friend, only to discover something more sinister is afoot.

What appears a frivolous excursion into myth hunting takes on a different tone when Watson discovers encrypted notes from the Diogenes Club to Holmes. The World's Greatest Detective is not hunting fairies, but on the trail of Viking silver and a daring heist. Holmes must use every skill at his disposal to discover the secret of the Shrieking Pits while deftly maneuvering around ghost hunters and fairy enthusiasts.... and not add to the body count.

Nikki Nelson-Hicks brings her adoration for Doyle's character as well as her own fervent imagination to brilliant life in The Astonishing Tales of Sherlock Holmes: The Shrieking Pits from Pro Se Productions.

From the creator of Zorro comes a lost hero of the past - Johnston McCulley's The Man in Purple lives again in The New Adventures of the Man in Purple from Pulp Obscura, a Pro Se Productions imprint in conjunction with Altus Press. The Man in Purple is Richard Staegal, a wealthy man-about-town with a colorful past. Donning a purple mask and suit, Staegal leads a life of outrageous adventure stealing from the rich and ruthless and giving the spoils away to the powerless people who are unable to fight for themselves! From out of the past comes new tales of the Violet Vigilante! Featuring exciting new stories of thrilling capers and fast moving adventure from Russ Anderson, Jr., Ashley Mangin, Lee Houston, Jr., and Terry Alexander! Join the Man in Purple as he takes on new adventures with his nemesis, the intrepid Detective Troman hot on his trail! Bar your windows and lock your doors, but if you're his target, nothing will stand in the way of the Man in Purple in his pursuit of justice and adventure! Pulp Obscura presents The New Adventures of the Man in Purple!

From Pro Se Productions, the leader in new pulp and genre fiction, and the creative mind of Author Jerry Kokich explodes the debut adventure of Michael Gordon, the Occultist! Monuments of Doom brings the breathtaking action and nail-biting adventure of classic pulps and movie serials screaming into new pulp today. Michael Gordon once loved Aurelia Desantis, until she discovered ancient mystical rites of immense power in an archeological dig in Mexico. Gordon realized then just how dangerous she really was. Upon their return to the United States, he told their superiors, his actions leading to her expulsion from the University of Chicago. That day, Aurelia Desantis vowed her traitorous lover would pay.

Years later...New Year's Eve, 1939. A statue suddenly comes to life and carves a bloody swath through unsuspecting revelers. A cryptic note arrives at police headquarters, and Michael Gordon, now an occult researcher and advisor to law enforcement, realizes the worst. Aurelia has returned, bent on revenge. Using her arcane powers to animate lifeless statues, she uses them to turn New York into a slaughterhouse, knowing only Michael Gordon has the knowledge to combat her monstrous creations. But will he use the same deadly rites and incantations, risking his very soul, to stop Aurelia? Can he go down the same dark path without succumbing to the temptations that drove his former lover to madness? Michael Gordon has no choice as he prepares to face Monuments of Doom! A stalwart hero, a seductive mad villainess, and murderous living statues. Everything an over the top two-fisted pulp tale needs. Fight alongside Gordon as he battles against Monuments of Doom by Jerry Kokich.

Created by Les Savage, Senorita Scorpion is in fact Elgera Douglas, a young lady who became a legendary outlaw defending her family's land and legacy, the fabled Lost Santiago Mine. Beautiful and deadly. A crack shot. A fast-thinking, daring fighter who is ruthless to those who threaten the land and people under her protection! Nancy A. Hansen, Andrea Judy, and Brad Mengel bring a classic pulp character galloping back to life as Senorita Scorpion rides again in three daring tales of hard riding action and bold adventure!

From Sovereign City roars yet another hero! Derrick Ferguson's The Adventures of Fortune McCall brings a seafaring gambling-ship owner and adventurer to the shores of Sovereign and flings him and his circle of companions feet first into murder, mystery, and madness! Four stories of Fortune and his team are featured here, all penned by Ferguson, the man behind Fortune McCall! The second volume in the Sovereign City Project from Pro Se Press - The Adventures of Fortune McCall! Cover by David L. Russell inspired by concept by Peter Cooper! Heroes to spare, villains to fight, and a city to save. All from Pro Se!

Meet Metro City Detective Frank Arnold. He just buried his partner and best friend, and now Arnold knows he may not have been the man Frank thought he was. And he can't drink away what's coming.

Pro Se Productions presents Badge of Lies, a hard hitting novel by author Jason Kahn that peels back the hard bitten exterior of two men - one, a recovering alcoholic detective who has just buried his best friend, and the other, the dead friend and all the secrets he tried to carry to his grave. Secrets that Frank Arnold is left to deal with.

In Badge of Lies, Kahn delivers a character hard boiled enough to walk fictional streets with Hammett's and Chandler's creations! A cop hardened by the job, toughened by the very crime he fights, Frank Arnold will stop at nothing to discover the truth about his partner's death and stay alive in the bargain.

Can a good cop survive in the big city or does he have to wear a Badge of Lies? Modern Crime Prose from novelist Jason Kahn and Pro Se Productions!

A world scarred by terrorist attacks and global pandemics fights for survival. Unbound by invasion, a millennia old enchantment ends. A daughter of Earth must learn to wield the very power she fears. Dr. Katarina O'Brian, a molecular biologist, fights from her lab in Memphis, Tennessee to find a cure for Reaper, a deadly virus plaguing humanity.

During another late night at work, a mental voice touches hers, chiseling a crack in her mental fortress and tempting her to explore the powers she suppresses. As events unfold, Katarina must choose to embrace her fears and control her power, or risk the destruction of everything and everyone she holds dear.

Captain Zane Gratig of the Inter-Galactic Confederacy Fleet is on a routine recon mission to investigate Earth. During a telepathic exercise, he stumbles upon Katarina's vibrant mind.

Though forbidden by intergalactic laws, neither Zane nor Katarina can stop destiny and love from uniting them. Meanwhile, a Goloth invasion force prepares to conquer Earth, and from there reclaim the empire it once ruled across the known universe. Kidnapping and torturing Zane are just step one in the Goloth emperor's plan. Separated by galaxies, forbidden by laws, Katarina and Zane must find a way to come together to face down their enemies and guide Earth on its new path.

A stranger with a glittering hook for a left hand. He came to the untamed wilderness of Africa to escape from a dark, troubled past to make his fortune. Yet his new life comes at an unexpected price. Wherever he goes adventure, danger, and death seem to follow. From Pulp Obscura comes brand new adventures of one of the most unique heroes of classic pulp! Armless O'Neil, explorer, adventurer, and soldier of fortune with his own unique view on life and a thirst for action like no other lives once more in these stories! In the heart of Africa, the man known as Armless O'Neil hunts for legendary treasures, but discovers a world of shadowy secrets, wild danger, and sensational adventure! Thrill to five fantastic stories of savage mystery, amazing action, and incredible excitement from Sean Taylor, Nick Ahlhelm, R. P. Steeves, I. A. Watson, and Chuck Miller! Follow Armless O'Neil as he makes his way in bold new stories from the finest in new pulp! Pulp Obscura proudly presents Blood-Price of the Missionary's Gold: The New Adventures of Armless O'Neil!

From Japan to Berlin, from Paris to Moscow, from London to Washington, DC, and all points between and beyond, his reputation for facing the most dangerous opponents and taking on the most difficult missions is well known. He is the nation's ace troubleshooter, the country's amazing master spy. Jeff Shannon is the Eagle - America's ultimate secret agent!

The Eagle's mission: to wage a one-man war against America's enemies and those who threaten liberty across the globe. From out of the past comes new tales of one of pulp's forgotten heroes! Pro Se Productions, in conjunction with Altus Press, presents a new volume in its Pulp Obscura line, bringing adventures and heroes lost in yesterday blazing to life in new pulp tales today! Thrill to six sensational tales of high-powered adventure, heart-stopping thrills, and death-defying action from Nick Ahlhelm, Teel James Glenn, Lee Houston Jr., Ashley Mangin, Bobby Nash, and R. P. Steeves.

Join Jeff Shannon as he fights against the foes of freedom in fantastic new adventures! Pulp Obscura proudly presents the new adventures of the Eagle. From Pro Se Productions, in conjunction with Altus Press. Pro Se Productions - Puttin' the Monthly Back into Pulp!

A killer stalks the streets of New Orleans! Gideon Synn is in the Big Easy when an old friend is found murdered at the Duelling Oaks - run through by an antique sword. It is up to the Scarred Swashbuckler to find his way through a web of mystery and deceit to avenge his friend's death. Yet questions haunt Synn as he winds his way through the city of strange wonders. Who is the mysterious woman from the cafe who seems to have invaded his dreams? Why do the paintings on the walls seem to tell the future? Will a trip to the backwoods of Bayou Sinistre and a meeting with Papa Ghoulle spell death for Gideon? Join new pulp author Teel James Glenn as he explores the voodoo smoke and jazz sounds of New Orleans in 1938. Action, mystery and horror abound in The Second Synn: Bayou Sinistre. From Pro Se Productions.

From Reese Unlimited, an imprint of Pro Se Productions, and Pro Se's Sovereign City Project comes the second volume of one of new pulp's most popular and newest heroes - The Adventures of Lazarus Gray, Volume 2: Die Glocke! by veteran new pulp author Barry Reese!

Lazarus Gray and his aides in Assistance Unlimited return for what may prove to be their greatest challenge.

What is the secret of Die Glocke? Will Lazarus Gray and his teammates discover the answer in time to stop a power hungry madman and his undead soldiers? The Adventures of Lazarus Gray returns with an epic adventure where the fate of the world is at stake. Is even Lazarus Gray up to a task that could take him to the very gates of Hell itself? Also, Assistance Unlimited takes a case that will bring them face to face with terror and the making of a hero!

Included in this volume is an updated timeline of Reese's works and an interview with the author himself!

The Adventures of Lazarus Gray, Volume 2: Die Glocke is a must have for any fan of Action, Adventure, and New Pulp! From Reese Unlimited and Pro Se Productions- Puttin' The Monthly Back Into Pulp!

A world where heroes and villains existed since the day the market crashed and the world almost collapsed. Common people granted great powers and awesome responsibility. A world where one of them knew all the secrets, good and bad, and put them down in a book. A world where that man and that manuscript disappeared. Until now. Yesteryear is the first book in an epic series chronicling the adventures of heroes and villains, both in the heroic age of the 1920s-1950s and in the modern day. Centered around a missing manuscript that might hold information that could literally change history and even mean the end of the world, Yesteryear alternates between a fast paced modern storyline about the man who ends up with the legendary book and excerpts from the mythic tome itself. Marvel at pulp-like adventures of glory and adrenaline and become engrossed in the humanity and horror of being a hero. Yesteryear by Tommy Hancock. Sometimes the greatest mystery of tomorrow happened yesterday!

Madness! Beat it, Beatles! Move over, Monkees! Roll it up, Rolling Stones! Here comes the greatest, grooviest, gearest rock-and-roll group of all time: The Lemon Herberts! Hot on the heels of their chart-topping hit album, Redwing Blackbird's Summer Solstice Tea Party, the Lemon Herberts launch themselves on their very first world tour - and straight into more danger, more peril, more sheer adventure than they ever bargained for! In six kicky, pulpy, far-out tales, you'll meet drummer Ellroy, guitarists Honor and Dilly, bassist Ally, and the gorgeously fab Her Majesty - trouble-magnets that even their long-suffering manager, the mysterious Brighton Hawks, can't hope to contain. Just ask the Lemon Herberts' legion of screaming fans: they're wild, they're wonderful, they're simply the most! Herberts creator Jim Beard leads a band of groovy authors for a New Pulp collection that will have you tapping your toes and humming along as the Lemon Herberts conquer the world, shining their music into hearts both dark and light around the globe!

Suave, hard, devil-may-care, an ex-agent, the best that ever was. That man is...Maxim Gunn. Gunn faces off against his greatest mystery in Maxim Gunn: The Stolen Waters by Nicholas Boving.

Aces and eights, a dead man's hand. Life and death dealt over a shuffle of a deck. Stakes from dollar bills to souls tossed into the center of the table. And sitting around, waiting for the turn of a card, to raise, check, bet, or fold, are rogues, scoundrels, dames, and sharps. Every single one betting their last breath on the hand they hold.

Pro Se Productions presents Poker Pulp, an anthology centered around the storied, legendary game of cards and chance. Authors J. H. Fleming, Michael Krog, and Brad Mengel deal three tales that up the ante, taking poker to an all new level of pulp. Action, adventure, and intrigue are the game of choice in Pro Se Productions' Poker Pulp.

There's a new medical examiner in town. Working girls and lonely hearts are catching a tough break in Champion City. An unknown killer, a quiet man of malevolent intention, is carousing in low places. A young patrolman catches a bullet when he interrupts the killer in the act. A stack of unsolved possibly related homicides point to a cover up. The previous medical examiner and a parish priest are sharing space in the morgue. The new ME appoints Thurman Dicke as a Special Investigator. Can he clear the cases, find the clues and catch the killer before the next anonymous girl dies? Or will he be, like the murderer's victims, be left breathless?

Breathless: A Tale from Champion City is the latest chapter in Author J. Walt Layne's series from Pro Se Productions. The tale returns us to the mean streets with Thurman Dicke, first seen in A Week in Hell. Mixing the rawness of 1950s crime fiction with the sophisticated brutality of modern noir, Layne delivers another one two punch on this bloody return to Champion City. Follow Thurman Dicke into the shadowy alleys of depravity in Breathless by J. Walt Layne from Pro Se Productions.

New pulp author Barry Reese, creator of the well-known Rook series, brings yet another creation to life! The Adventures of Lazarus Gray is Reese's entry into Pro Se's The Sovereign City Project, showcasing a hero whose own life is a mystery to himself. On the road to discovering his own secrets Gray and his Assistance Unlimited team encounter weirdness, madness, and over-the-top badness with every step! Come along for the ride for this new Barry Reese adventure, for the first entry in The Sovereign City Project and the first Pro Se Book under its new imprint, Reese Unlimited! Thrill to The Adventures of Lazarus Gray!

Inside these covers, find not simply stories of daring do, of intrigue and espionage, of Kings and Murderers. No, within this tome are not tales, but maps. Maps that lead to the origins of some of our best known stories and folklore. And keys. Keys to open doors to not only the past and the secret beginnings of such standards as Cinderella's Slipper, but to new ideas founded in history and mystery. Find things you only thought You knew and never imagined when you go Where Stories Dwell By I.A. Watson Starring:

  • The Duke of Marlborough, swashbuckler, soldier, adventurer, and ladies' man
  • Medea of Colchis, seductive sorceress and woman scorned
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine, the most powerful woman in Europe
  • Brutus Giantslayer, who overcame Gog and Magog to found a nation
  • William Paget, Earl of Uxbridge, and especially his right leg
  • Princess Enheduanna, High Priestess of the Moon Goddess Nanna
  • William the Conqueror, a bastard by name, birth, and nature
  • Sir Francis Dashwood, wicked master of the wicked Hell Fire Club
  • King Arthur Pendragon, rightwise born King of All Britain
  • Kings Henry II, IV, V, and VIII, plus a guest Edward
  • Rhodopis of the Stolen Slipper, a damsel in distress with familiar problems
  • Acting Major William Martin, a Royal Marine who died before he was ever born
  • Inspector-General James Barry MD, a military surgeon who never existed at all
  • Spring-Heeled Jack, fire-breathing iron-clawed terror of the night
  • The Lone Ranger and Tonto

With a full cast of gods, monarchs, smiths, Celts, Hussites, supervillains, sacrificial virgins, Londoners, knights, heretics, lighthouse-keepers, Methodists, spectral hounds, Loathly Ladies, pulp writers, revolutionaries, spies, and souvenir-vendors to match all tastes. Where Stories Dwell is a unique volume in pulp studies, an imprint of pro se productions.

Think about a man: suave, hard, devil-may-care, ex-agent, the best that ever was. Call him Maxim Gunn. And then think about the evil that such a man could face, the group that could move against the truest heroes. That is the nemesis Maxim Gunn faces in Maxim Gunn: The Serpent Force by Nicholas Boving.

From Pro Se Productions!

Adventure has a new name!

Award-winning genre fiction author Barry Reese, known for creating such fantastic characters as Lazarus Gray and Gravedigger, revitalizes one of his greatest creations for fans old and new! Max Davies lives on as The Peregrine!

An adventurer. A man of mystery. A hero. Max Davies, newly moved to Atlanta, Georgia, finds himself unable to avoid danger, intrigue, and death. Donning the mask of The Peregrine, Davies seeks to bring justice to a world dying for it and peace to his own troubled spirit. And the only price he may have to pay is his soul.

The Peregrine Omnibus, Volume One brings the first three book-length volumes of this classic new pulp hero's adventures together into one massive two-fisted collection. Fly again for the first time with Barry Reese's The Peregrine!

From out of the past comes a new tale of a hero who strikes like thunder!

Pro Se Productions, in conjunction with Altus Press, presents a new volume in its Pulp Obscura line - The New Adventures of Thunder Jim Wade, Volume Two: The Horror of Hyperborea by Frank Schildiner!

A madman's desperate quest for a fabled lost civilization! A brilliant scientist kidnapped! A menace unimaginable! These are fragments of a greater mystery that sets Thunder Jim Wade on a collision course with The Horror of Hyperborea!

While the world's still choked with monsters - their work is never done. Tireless and dedicated, the Aces scour the globe in pursuit of the creatures that seek to terrorize humanity. For this ongoing mission, they leave no stone unturned - and no monsters alive. Whether it be in far-off wilderness, small-town America, or among the concrete canyons of the big city, Cap'n, Gats, Joker, Digger, and Trill continue to risk their lives at the cost of their own identities to keep us safe from the things that go bump in the night.

The Earth's greatest monster killers return in six all-new tales of terror, pure pulp action-adventures that will chill and thrill you all over again, as well as make you look twice under your bed. The Aces are challenged as never before, as they face off against not only a Murderer's Row of horrors, but with their own motives and the lives they've chosen to lead. Through these stories, you will see a side of the intrepid band of adventurers that you've never seen before. Concept creator Jim Beard welcomes David White, Nancy Hansen, Jeff McGinnis, J. Walt Layne, and Teel James Glenn to aid him in continuing the Monster Aces' mission - destroy all monsters, or die trying.

Monster Aces, Volume 2. From Pro Se Productions.

Cold Dish is the fifth in the John Logan series and is the first title in the series published by Pro Se Productions.

With his home in ruins, his lover in a coma, and his best friend missing, John Logan finds himself injured, alone, and fighting to protect an innocent witness while he works to uncover the truth behind the bombing that has shaken his world. His search will uncover an old, familiar killer, a man whose money and power seems endless. It will take all of Logan's skill and determination to survive. For how does someone who has nothing fight a man who has everything?

Pulp happens throughout history! Pro Se Productions, a publisher of genre fiction, proudly presents High Adventure History, an anthology that puts the fast pacing and over-the-top action of pulp fiction in the history books!

Setting tales in the past and telling them with a predominantly pulp flavor, these stories find action and adventure in the annals of yesterday for listeners today! Take a trip to the past with authors D. Alan Lewis, Teel James Glenn, and Mark Gelineau as they redefine high adventure and history! Action, adventure, espionage, mystery, and horror abound in tales of days gone by in this thrilling collection. Relive the past with extra pulp in Pro Se Production'sHigh Adventure History.

Pro Se Productions gladly commits The First Synn: The Bloodstone Confidential, the first of a new series of supernatural pulp thrillers by noted award-winning author Teel James Glenn. Complete with chills and thrills harkening back to the classic pulps, The First Synn introduces the first sibling duo in pulp history, ready to take on whatever horror flies their way!

Years ago Gideon Synn tried to save Faith Bloodstone from a deadly family curse in upstate New York. He failed and Faith died at the hands of a mysterious blood-drinking fiend. Synn ran from his failure and became a world traveler, joining the French Foreign Legion and eventually becoming a mercenary in China. Now, years later, he has opened a security firm with his sister Kathy. Charity Bloodstone, Faith's younger sister, comes to him for help against the same curse - the supposed vampire ghost of her ancestor, Justice Bloodstone!

According to legend, Charity has only one week to live! Several people have been killed by what appears to be the undead Justice in ways that suggest a supernatural cause. The Synn siblings are drawn into a whirlwind of terror and evil as the mystery of the vampire murders comes closer and closer to fulfilling the curse. Has Gideon found love with Charity only to lose her to dark forces? Who are the armed thugs that have attacked the siblings? Can Kathy Synn keep her brother out of trouble long enough to solve the mystery of the Bloodstone Confidential?

Terror in the city....

From the moment a crazed Nazi Doctor set foot in Chicago, he knew he was in the right place to finish the experiments he had started but never completed. His work began at a death camp, a camp of horrors in which he reigned with his own brand of terror. As soon as he committed his first act against an unsuspecting woman in the city, he knew there'd be a price on his head, and he didn't care. For this Nazi had the most beloved memory a man can have...the feeling of exhilaration as another's fear turns to panic.

Below the rough underbelly of the city, there exists stalwart Detective Glenn Stroud. An efficient, dangerous, and committed cop who has always sought the evils that roam his town and threaten those closest to him. With his skills with a gun, his partner E Dent, and a souped up Pontiac Chieftain, Detective Stroud will search for the maniac while following the clues. His determination will lead to the end of this kidnapping and torturing psychopath...that, or he'll lose everyone dear to him.

The Cowboy Detective: A Matter of Terror by Greg Norgaard (Savage Noir). From Pro Se Productions.

The masked manhunter of the skies returns! Pulp Obscura, an imprint of Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press, brings yet another rare and classic pulp character back to life from pulp's golden era!

Kerry Keen is a young millionaire playboy by day to hide his nocturnal adventures as a costumed airborne crime fighter! From a secret underground hangar on his Long Island estate in the Graylands, The Griffon takes to the skies in the Black Bullet, his supercharged and heavily armed seaplane on missions of justice and vengeance! Six tales of action, excitement, mystery and amazing aerial adventure take flight in this collection from writers Van Allen Plexico, Chuck Miller, Phil Bledsoe, S. E. Dogaru, Don Thomas and R. P. Steeves! Climb into the cockpit of the Black Bullet with Kerry Keen and fly off into The New Adventures of the Griffon from Pulp Obscura!

Think about the dark realms, the hidden corners, the places where things lurk, things that live only in our imaginations, things that just should not be. Think about priceless jewels with unearthly powers, demons controlled by computers and psychotic madmen who want to rule the world. Think about a man who walks into trouble and says, "Into battle, murder, and sudden death, good Lord, deliver me, right up to the neck." That man is Maxim Gunn, and he must stand strong against the most hellish of operations in Nicholas Boving's Maxim Gunn: The Demon Plan.

Liberty Is Gone, But Truth Remains

Kade Truth awakens in a strange house sideways of reality, where he learns he has "died" in a mysterious attack on the Statue of Liberty. Rather than facing the afterlife, he now wields energy powers, including flight. Kade joins and befriends Caduceus - eccentric caretaker, magician, and feeder of soup - and Mao F'Yang - an intoxicating girl with the uncanny ability to disappear - in a quest to regain his memories, uncover who is behind the attack, and discover why he has been so drastically altered.

In a counter to Kade's mission, the malign Dark Monk joins forces with Richard Van Parson - arrogant CEO of VPI - to forward his own hellish agenda under the ruse of a retaliatory war. What ties does the Dark Monk have with Caduceus? What designs does he have for Kade? And will Kade unravel the truth in time to embrace his true destiny?

The Pulptress: raised from birth by the world's greatest heroes and some of its villains as well to be the greatest Champion for Justice and Right ever known.

The Bone Queen: once an idealistic priestess to a Death Goddess, now the depraved embodiment of Death and twisted Resurrection, walking the Earth in search of unbelievable power.

These two women walk very different paths, paths that crossed explosively. But as they clash one final time, the Pulptress and the Bone Queen have something in common, the one thing that may kill them both - they thirst for vengeance!

The anthology for when the good guys aren't good enough is here!

Black Fedora throws the spotlight on those in the shadows, the other half of every great story - the villain. Welcome to the dark side.

Within this book you will find stories where the hero is the villain and one person's crime is another person's glory. Get ready to step out of the light and take a tour of various underworlds with three tales that give us a look at what secrets lurk beneath the Black Fedora.

This exciting anthology features tales by B. C. Bell, Phillip Drayer Duncan, and Kevin Paul Shaw Broden.

Black Fedora is so good it's criminal.

Struggling to recover from a disastrous marriage and contentious divorce, Casey Fremont would prefer to make ends meet with her paycheck from a temp job. But now her goal of personal and mental renewal becomes one of staying alive as she solves a riddle of murder and mayhem.

Casey Fremont is on her way to interview for a temp job when a falling body nearly lands on her. Three days later, a second man, this one from her own office, dies in a similar manner and Casey is drawn into the intrigue. She confirms her suspicions, but one of her friends ends up in the hands of kidnappers. Casey must solve the mystery before she becomes the third body to go over the railing.

When archaeologists at the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia - the hottest place on Earth - discover a ruby measuring six feet in diameter, the world's scientific community is thrown into a spin. But it's not only scientists who are interested in the discovery. In the wrong hands, the ruby could be used to power a terrifying weapon - a weapon that could change the fate of the world.

Meet Jarvis Love, the young operative assigned to investigate the find. Thrown into a harsh, unforgiving environment, Love finds himself battling a neo-Nazi with a diabolical plot to assassinate the top world leaders in one massive attack. The clock is ticking, and only Love can stop the madman.

Filled with hair-raising action and wild chases, The Danakil Deception is an edge-of-your-seat adventure that harks back to the great spy novels of the sixties, but infused with the high-octane punch of a modern thriller.

What do you know about someone? Someone close. A friend. A loved one. You know only what they want you to know.

Nate Selegman's friend, Wilson Montgomery, a.k.a., Turtle, was a piece of work. He was a lying, conniving, self-serving jerk. And someone murdered him. And enjoyed doing it. The cops have no leads and no suspects. Nate decides to find out what happened to his old friend. The more he discovers the less he knows. One thing becomes clear. The Turtle he thought he knew was someone else.

The Turtle he uncovers plunges him into a world of crime, double-dealing, blackmail, and murder. Trust is expensive, and his life, it turns out, is cheap.

In late 1961, Nakushi, a woman of the streets of Bombay, India, has been pushed to the limit by her ungrateful clientele, the Portuguese who still control parts of India. When she prays for assistance from the gods, Agni, the god of storms, answers her. By bestowing various powers upon her, including flight, invulnerability, and the ability to speak any language - important in multilingual India - he gives her the power to become Bombay Sapphire, champion of those who are wronged or endangered, and liberator of those who are enslaved. But her first big goal is to free India from the Portuguese. To do that, she has to find a way to force the prime minister to take action. In the meantime, Nakushi's sister Savitra wants Bombay Sapphire to use her powers to make them rich. Against the backdrop of this sibling rivalry, Bombay Sapphire makes enemies of the Deccan Dholes, the gang that terrorizes Dharavi, the great slum where Nakushi lives. But wherever evil rears its ugly head, wherever people need help, there will be Bombay Sapphire.

Her life began...the day she died. From best-selling and award-winning author Barry Reese comes another fantastic creation from his action packed imagination! The Adventures of Gravedigger, Volume One from Reese Unlimited, Barry's very own author imprint at Pro Se Productions, features the debut of a different take on the concept of hero in Pro Se's Sovereign City Project!

The Adventures of Gravedigger introduces the latest masked warrior to inherit the mantle of Gravedigger. A lost soul who has returned from the grave to take up a mission of justice and vengeance, Gravedigger stalks the streets of Sovereign City assisted by her faithful agents and surprising familiar allies! She is the last defense against the criminals, madmen, and bizarre creatures that prowl in the shadows.

Featuring a stunning cover by award-winning pulp artist George Sellas, The Adventures of Gravedigger is a stunning, horrifying new addition to pulp!

Terror has many faces. Action comes from many places. Horror rises from many dark spaces...and one man has been bringing them all to Pro Se Productions since the beginning: Kevin Rodgers. And now, from Kevin's first works in the genre fiction field to his latest, you can find them all in one unbelievable short story collection - Chaos and Doom. From the author of The Cadaver Island trilogy comes nine tales to chill, thrill, and challenge listeners to go places they may never return from. Featuring short stories submitted by Kevin Rodgers since Pro Se entered the publishing field, Chaos and Doom is your guide to some of the most amazing characters and imaginative worlds in genre fiction.

In the supernatural halls of power in the old, dusty forgotten substructures and mansions of Philadelphia there came a whisper one day. The whisper told of an artifact that could control the dead, be they vampire or spirit-kind. The two pillars of power, the vampiric House of Brittingham, and the self-proclaimed defenders of humanity, the Penumbra Brotherhood, acted with an immediacy almost unheard of for either faction. Both sects needed to find the item before the other because he who holds the shamanskin controls the army of the world's undead. The denizens of Hartshorn, PA, those that sleep above ground and those that do not, know nothing of the hell that is about to rain down on them like Heaven's ejected rebellion. It is a confrontation that will decide the fate of all humankind.

Half Human. Half Fiction. All Action and Adventure. Diogenes Ra, Joseph Lamere’s breakout character of 2013, returns in DRAMATIS PERSONAE: CHARACTER FLAWS. Diogenes Ra is using his unique talents as a half-fictional character, working for an auction house that deals with the disembodied consciousnesses of famous--and infamous--fictions. Up for sale is the consciousness of Praed Pontine, so-called Master of Detection and heir to the memories and inner workings of the Great Detective himself, Sherlock Holmes. Security is tight. Tensions are high. All the most famous thieves of the past half-century are on hand, looking for weak spots in the security. When the auction goes awry and Pontine's consciousness winds up in the hands of a master thief named Baffle, Ra has to travel into fiction's past in order to catch him. This time he has company: the implanted "back seat driver" who calls himself the Narrator, the voice of conscience which has issues of his own. While visiting fiction's past Ra crosses paths with his father, Seamus the Shamus, a trans-temporal collision that has unforeseen consequences for them both. DRAMATIS PERSONAE: CHARACTER FLAWS sees Joseph Lamere’s extremely popular concept return for a second volume. In a world where a man can be both real and fictional, human and character, anything can happen. And usually does to Diogenes Ra. Mystery, drama, action, and humor all come together in the follow up to DRAMATIS PERSONAE: PUBLIC DOMAIN. Find out more than the denizens of your fiction ever wanted you to know about them in DRAMATIS PERSONAE: CHARACTER FLAWS by Joseph Lamere and from Pro Se Productions.

Pro Se Productions Introduces A Series that Breaks All The Rules of Genre Fiction! Discover the real world of fiction in Author Joseph Lamere's debut novella "Dramatis Personae:Public Domain"!

The Truth isn't stranger than Fiction. Truth is Fiction!

For your whole life secrets have been kept from you. Science and history books have gotten it wrong. They only tell part of the story. Maybe someday these books will be rewritten, but only if Diogenes Ra's secret gets out.

If you only knew what Diogenes Ra knew.

He knoes something the rest of us don't. Fiction is real. All your favorite characters exists, their stories overlapping in one grand, timeless narrative. Diogenes Ra can access that narrative. For the right price he will even bring your favorite fictional characters here to our world. But they can't be gone long. They have to get back to their stories in time for you to read them or watch them on TV.

Diogenes Ra believes he alone possesses the ability to pass unchecked between this world and the one we mistakenly call fiction. He's about to find out he's wrong.

DRAMATIS PERSONAE: PUBLIC DOMAIN by Joseph Lamere! The first of a fantastically imaginative new series from Pro Se Productions!

An invention of Johnston McCulley, the creator of Zorro, the Green Ghost is secretly Danny Blaney, an honest police officer who was framed by criminals and then disgraced by his fellow officers. Acquitted by a jury and dismissed by the police, Danny, as the Green Ghost, plays a dangerous game as he confounds cops and criminals in his unique crusade for justice!

From out of the past, a mysterious masked manhunter returns to wage one man war against the forces of the underworld as he evades the forces of the law!

Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press presents a new volume in its Pulp Obscura line!

Bringing adventures and heroes lost in yesterday blazing to life in new pulp tales today!

Featuring fast moving mystery and thrills in new stories by Bobby Nash, Don Thomas and Terry Alexander.

News For All, Justice for the Innocent and Weak! That is the Masthead of The Partisan and the mission of its keepers in Pro Se Productions’ action packed tribute to the printed press- NEWSHOUNDS!

Dogged reporters, crusty editors, copyboys and cub photographers with dreams of grandeur. Pressmen who know the city lives and breathes by what they print. Characters like Editor ‘Red Dillinger, reporters Viv Bailey and Ted Boland, photographer Margie Haviland, and more all work for The Partisan, a 1950s paper partial to the common man, to righting the wrongs done against the housewives and the blue collars! And this gaggle of hard bitten, hard fighting men and women are known near and far to those who love them and those who wish to see them dead! Do No Wrong in Their City unless you want it covered by the Newshounds!

Started in 1930 to stand up for the little person and to protect the rights of the rightless. The Partisan has always been the paper that focused on both accurate news reporting and standing up for the common citizen against crime and corruption of all types. This led to a style of writing both factual and fiery that the paper is known for.

Authors Kevin Paul Shaw Broden, Shannon Muir, and J. Walt Layne bring life to the chaotic adventures of a larger than life newspaper staff in this three story collection.

Only two types of people work at The Partisan- Those truly interested in standing up for truth and justice and what’s right…and those with a death wish or nowhere else to go.

Either way, they make great stories for Pro Se Productions’ NEWSHOUNDS!

No period in American History was as untamed, dangerous, and exciting as what we refer to as ‘The Wild West’. And no man wrote gunslingers, lawmen, and ordinary folks made extraordinary in lawless cowtowns and harsh landscapes like Charles Boeckman. And now, those heroes crafted first by Boeckman in classic Western Pulp magazines live again in new tales from Pro Se Productions. Charles Boeckman Presents The Wild West! Authors Phillip Drayer Duncan and Terry Alexander load their six guns with new stories featuring Boeckman’s distinct characters of the West. Ride along with men who make life and death choices on the turn of a hat and card, the slip of the tongue, or the wrong look. The western is a cornerstone of American fiction and Charles Boeckman’s legacy as one of its best storytellers lives on in Charles Boeckman Presents The Wild West. From Pro Se Productions.

She appears, an enigma, a guardian angel in a mask and fedora, her past shrouded in mystery. Where did she come from? What secrets in her past drove her to become a crusader for justice? Who is The Pulptress? The Pulptress, the masked woman of mystery, makes her debut on the New Pulp scene in a collection of stories sure to thrill and amaze you. Leading off with an introduction by The Pulptress' creator, Tommy Hancock, this collection features stories by Terry Alexander, Ron Fortier, Erwin K. Roberts, Andrea Judy, and Tommy Hancock! With a fantastic cover by Mitch Foust and beautiful design work by Sean Ali, this collection is a must have! It's time You met The First Lady of New Pulp! The Pulptress! From Pro Se Productions!

The Wild West and Fairy Tale Land… Two places where anything is possible! From penny dreadfuls turning Billy the Kid into a hero to stories of Big Bad Wolves eating Grandmothers. Pro Se Productions asks the question…what if that fictional land of creatures and beasties and that very real time in American history were one and the same place? ONCE UPON A SIXGUN is the answer to that question! Join Authors Lee Houston, Jr., Nikki Nelson-Hicks, Mark Gelineau, and Joseph King as they saddle up and, with a little fairy dust and luck, take you on adventures never before imagined! Two of the most popular genres ever come together in rollicking adventure yarns that would curl a cowpoke’s mustache in any Enchanted forest! Wild Mustangs and Magic Wands! Witches and Outlaws! The Good, the Bad, and the Fairy Tale! All of that and more awaits in ONCE UPON A SIXGUN from Pro Se Productions!

“Walking past an alleyway is when it hit. Suddenly, I felt a banging on my skull as though I was hit with a truck. The only thing I could see were stars. As I was going down I threw an uppercut wildly and kept throwing as I went down. I couldn't tell if I connected but I sure as hell felt a couple of good kicks to my ribs. As hard as I fought to stay awake all I saw in front of my eyes was a growing blackness. As I went out I swore I heard a voice in my ear threatening me and the squeal of tires.”

Such is the life of John Hasard, P.I.

Hasard wasn't always a loner. He was made that way due to the loss of his wife, partner, and pretty much everyone else that he ever got close to.

Was he bad luck or was he just getting what he deserved?

But Hasard isn’t alone. Whether it's a sassy cab driver, an arrogant professor, a condescending secretary, or a surly bartender, John's world is full of people who care about him and want to help regardless if he wants it or not.

The stories of John Hasard are a throwback to classic Pulp detective stories. Nasty men, beautiful dames, and eccentric sidekicks people the city and the stories that Hasard lives within. So, pour yourself a drink on the rocks, tilt your fedora, light one if you got it and perch yourself on the edge of your seat for a classic PI type two-fisted read.

THE ADVENTURES OF JOHN HASARD by Edward J. Indovina. Published by Pro Se Productions.

Adonis Morgan used to be a hero.

As The Phenom, he kept the Arizona desert safe from trouble, masked or otherwise.

But it didn't take.

Now, he lives among the rest of us, keeping his head down, avoiding trouble.

But trouble has a way of finding him in author Frank Byrns’ Adonis Morgan: Nobody Special from Pro Se Productions

From the lonely boulevards of Hollywood to the deadly streets of Jefferson Falls, these five stories follow Morgan’s journey from hero to stuntman to cab driver, each step more desperate than the last, before finally finding himself on the most treacherous path of all: a campaign trail that leads him right back to where it all started.

An extraordinary man searching desperately for an ordinary life makes Adonis Morgan: Nobody Special a thrilling, action packed collection and a must have for fans of Genre Fiction.

Monsters and Men.

Death and Danger.

Fiction and Folly.

Within these pages, find all of this and more from the pen of one of the most prolific and talented authors in Genre Fiction today.

And a Madman Mumbled…Tales from the Mind of H. David Blalock runs the Genre gamut, taking readers into worlds that will hopefully never exist and through fevered dreams that we only hope are just nightmares. Blalock carefully crafts each and every tale to thrill, excite, involve, and engage. Encounter creatures and stories both strange and familiar, and some even both, in And a Madman Mumbled…Tales from the Mind of H. David Blalock. From Pro Se Productions.

When a beautiful exotic dancer in danger turns to John Logan, former black-ops soldier turned Florida private investigator, he is all too willing to help. But she's scared and before she can meet with Logan to explain her problem, she's dead. Logan is left with more questions than answers. Who was Danni and who wanted her dead? Logan's digging will take him into the seedier side of Coral Bay, get him wrapped up with a ruthless businessman and a venture capitalist, and could put him at odds with one of his dearest friends. Into the Magic Night, the fourth volume in the John Logan series by Rick Nichols. From Pro Se Productions.

A sea captain fights an ancient evil, a rockabilly musician battles a scorpion the size of a Cadillac, a gangster takes on the spawn of Cthulhu, a French comic wizard takes on evils in the modern world. These are just a few of the thrills and chills you will get in First Seas and Other Tales. Amazon bestselling author Frank Schildiner’s collection of pulp tales breaks into new ground for this growing genre, telling tales of noble knights in the time of King Henry IV, a Roman nobleman fighting the demons and even a hero from France’s legendary Hexagon Comics Universe taking on terrible monsters who seek to destroy the Earth. Giant scorpions, evil demons, and a bored bureaucrat dealing with fake witches and vampires from Alabama are just a few of the chills and thrills in Frank Schildiner’s First Seas and Other Tales! From Pro Se Productions.

Pulp Obscura - Bringing Adventures and Heroes Lost in Yesterday Blazing to Life in New Pulp Tales Today - debuts its first digest sized novel! THE NEW ADVENTURES OF JIM ANTHONY, SUPER-DETECTIVE: THE DEATH'S HEAD CLOUD by noted Author Joshua Reynolds! A smothering fog of doom heralds a terror that leaves a pile of bloody corpses in a busy subway station! The Death's Head Cloud strikes swiftly, snaring innocents in its foul grip, leaving madness and death in its wake! Will im Anthony be able to solve this mystery or will he also succumb to this terrible menace? Reynolds, known for previous works featuring this classic Pulp Character, breathes new life into Jim Anthony! Originally written by such greats as Robert Leslie Bellem, W. T. Ballard, and Victor Rousseau Emanuel, Anthony was a 'half Irish, Half Indian, and All-American' Adventurer who inherited great wealth and has amazing mental and physical abilities. Scholar, businessman, scientist, criminologist, inventor-Jim Anthony is prepared to face any danger, solve any mystery and overcome any challenge in his battle for justice! From out of the Past the Super-Detective Returns in a Bold New Adventure As He Fights a Deadly Menace that Lurks in the Very Air We Breathe! Featuring a stunning cover by Mike Fyles, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF JIM ANTHONY, SUPER DETECTIVE delivers mystery, action, and Pulp with both fists and barrels! From Pro Se Productions and Pulp Obscura!

Pro Se Productions, a leader in cutting edge genre fiction introduces a new Hero in the World of Espionage and Spy Fiction. Richard Monroe springs to treacherous life in NOBODY DIES FOR FREE by author Aaron Smith! After years of loyally serving his country in the CIA, Richard Monroe wants nothing more than early retirement and a peaceful life in Paris with the only woman he's ever truly loved. But when an assassin's bullet takes his happiness away, Monroe embarks on a quest to find the man responsible for the tragedy. Monroe is soon recruited back into the clandestine services, but with a difference. Now he's a lone agent reporting to a supervisor so mysterious that the official agencies don't even know he exists. In his new position, Monroe will deal with situations too delicate and too dangerous for the CIA or FBI to handle. On his first assignment, he discovers a connection between the mission and the criminal mastermind behind his wife's killing. Business becomes personal again and Richard Monroe sets out to teach his enemies a brutal lesson: NOBODY DIES FOR FREE! From Aaron Smith and Pro Se Productions comes a tense, jaw dropping spy thriller- NOBODY DIES FOR FREE!

Blood on her hand, She vowed all she had and was, life and soul, to her ship, the extraordinary Iqaluk and her crew. Before the next voyage ends, the woman known only as Captain may lose every bit of that and more. Steampunk in nature but creative in its concepts, The Iqaluk Chronicles: Last Storm introduces the enigmatic Captain and her stunning craft, The Iqaluk, and a whole new world of action adventure from the mind of author Lorelei McCole. A world that faces a threat they have only ever read about in books suddenly needs someone to step up and fight for them. Captain has only just finished her first year in charge of her ship and has suffered and survived all the disasters that entails. But now she must figure out how to prevent war from coming to her home. And if she fails, her ship, her crew, and her very world may well be lost. The Iqaluk Chronicles: Last Storm by Lorelei McCole. From Pro Se Productions.

He began life as a Gangster…He found a new path as an Entertainer…He never knew how far he’d go to end up a Hero.

In 1946 a chronal event ripped a hole in space-time, transporting ex-Gangster turned Entertainer "Big Daddy Cool" Johnny Dellarocca into the future. Now, tethered to this new time, Dellarocca can travel into his past to influence events to shape the present, his future. Tales From The Flip-Side reveals the tale of one of the earliest adventures of Big Daddy Cool & The Bombshell Kittens leading up to that day in 1946.

In the final days of WWII, Chicago Holo-Visor reporter Penny Lane has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom by Chicago's most infamous villain, Dr. Diablo. With Chicago's masked heroes on a secret mission in Europe, it is up to "Big Daddy Cool" and his super-powered showgirls, The Bombshell Kittens, to stop Dr. Diablo and save Chicago's most beloved reporter from the machinations of the madman. However, behind the scenes there is another threat, a greater evil lurking, pulling the strings and seeking universal domination.

Mobsters. Vampires. Nazis. Showgirls. Masked Vigilantes. High stakes adventure in an alternate Dieselpunk history! Tales from the Flip-Side by John Pyka is the debut volume in The Adventures of Big Daddy Cool imprint from Pro Se Productions.

The gods are at war, the land of Argethlam is beset by hard times, and Atreyavahl is near collapse because of the assassination of their Queen Viesha a century before. A prophecy tells that the god of darkness, Ardeth Anubace’s Black Wolf will bring the fall of the Inner Kingdom and then Argethlam, leading the world into Ardeth’s rule. But Ramos Ra, the Sire-God, created his own champion, the White Wolf to defeat the Black Wolf and purge the land of Ardeth’s curse. Mercenary daemon Debello has wandered Argethlam for 100 years with amnesia. He searches for the only clue to his past, a daemon named Vaulx. Once pieces start to come together, Debello soon realizes his forgotten memories were to a life hidden in the Inner Kingdom of Atreyavahl. And that he may indeed be one of the Wolves of the prophecy. But which one? Ardeth’s Black Wolf, a paragon of death and destruction? Or Ra’s White Wolf, the only hope Debello’s world has? Is Debello Life…or Death? Author Kayla Larson brings a new world to stark life surrounded by ever present death in her debut novel and the first in a series. THE WOLF WARRIORS from Pro Se Productions.

Welcome to Champion City. A megatropolis it isn’t. But you couldn’t arrive at that conclusion by looking at the police blotter. Most everyone in the city would tell you that a day in Champion is like… A WEEK IN HELL!

Pro Se Productions introduces the first volume of the Champion City series of Novels by author J. Walt Layne!

It all starts with a girl and a bag of cash. Candi was the kind of gal who could give a guy indigestion. She was poison, with looks to kill, a reluctant moll looking for a way out. Thurman was a young flatfoot, not necessarily the knight in shining armor. He went to shake out a brawl and nearly fed her his gun, was it any wonder he got a date? They spend an evening on the run, but where does it lead? Just when it looks like it’s over, BOOM! Is it a dead girl, a bag of somebody else’s dough, or both?

Written in the style of the slang ridden, bullet riddled classic crime Pulp and mystery fiction, Layne’s A WEEK IN HELL drops the reader square into all the corruption and corrosion of human spirit that is Champion City. Dames, gats, gumshoes, and brass cupcakes die, shoot, run and glitter from every page.


The debut full length title in THE VOICE OF PRO SE Audiobook line, HUGH MONN, PRIVATE DETECTIVE, is the novel written by Lee Houston, Jr.  One of Pro Se’s flagship characters, Hugh Monn comes wonderfully to life thanks to Audiobook Narrator Pete Milan in eight tightly written fast paced uanbridged stories. Milan is a voice actor, writer, narrator, audio drama producer and cosmopolitan jackadandy. He has previously appeared in works by Pendant Productions, the Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air, Gypsy Audio and Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater.

Milan channels the voice of Lee Houston’s Hugh Monn perfectly.  Hugh sounds like a 1950s type detective, but plies his trade in a futuristic setting.  In just the same way Lee blended those two things seamlessly together, Pete’s take on the stories has the nearly hard boiled edge you’d expect from a great PI tale, but there’s also that flexibility a good science fiction tale demands of a narrator.  Hands down, the team of Milan and Houston make HUGH MONN, PRIVATE DETECTIVE an audiobook must have.

Even in the future, dames still need help, criminals still need captured, and men still hire out to do both!  HUGH MONN, PRIVATE DETECTIVE written by Lee Houston, Jr. and narrated by Pete Milan lets you walk the glittering, yet dark and mean streets of Galveston 2.  Join Hugh Monn as he investigates cases with gorgeous green skinned dames, slick swindlers and hardened crooks while keeping one step ahead of the lawbots.  This VOICE OF PRO SE audiobook engineered and produced by Dynamic Ram Audio Productions is over 7 hours of fantastic futuristic Private Eye Action! 

Click The Image To Purchase!

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Evildoers beware! Crimefighters rejoice! Mystery buffs, hold on to your seat! Masked Gun Mystery 1 from Pro Se Productions, brings you pulp goodness with guns, clues, murders, and mayhem!  Harkening back to classic Pulp Crime and Mystery tales, this issue of  Pro Se's first Magazline line features masked men, daring women, and more mysteries than You can shake a Sherlock at! Featuring a bevy of great tales as well as the impressive voice talents of H. Keith Lyons, MASKED GUN MYSTERIES is a surefire hit for any mystery, crime, or action fan!

Click The Image to Purchase!

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Like your action over the top? Ready for adventure nonstop and explosive? Then pick up Pro Se Productions' Peculiar Adventures! Harkening back to the style of the old hero pulps with a modern twist, these tales put the Two Fisted in Hero! Featuring the work of Tommy Hancock, Derrick Ferguson, Megan Smith, and others, explore universes, travel through time, and save the city hour after hour while listening to Peculiar Adventures! Performed by Peter Katt!

Click the Image to Purchase!

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Knights! Monsters! Dwarves! Killers! Find it all and more in the debut issue of Pro Se Productions' Fantasy and Fear Vol. 1. As read by the incredible Fiona Thraille, this audio magazine features stories of horror and fantasy from the newest writers and artists side by side with seasoned professionals in the world of Pulp!!  Strange maidens from the water, a mystery solving Duo in medieval times, and more await you with all the chills and thrills you can handle in Fantasy and Fear!