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PO Box 3929
Batesville, AR 72503

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Based in Batesville, Arkansas, Pro Se Productions has become a leader on the cutting edge of New Pulp Fiction in a very short time.

Pulp Fiction, known by many names and identified as being action/adventure, fast paced, hero versus villain, over the top characters and tight, yet extravagant plots, is experiencing a resurgence like never before. And Pro Se Press, publishing New Pulp since August, 2011, is a major part of the revival, one of the reasons that New Pulp is growing by leaps and bounds!

Pro Se is the place to find Super Heroes, Explorers, Fairies, Werewolves, Men's Men, and Femme Fatales.  Specializing primarily in prose books, anthologies, and magazines, Pro Se has made a commitment to 'Put the Monthly Back into Pulp' and continues to do that successfully, producing at least one New Pulp work every month!  

Pro Se is an innovator in New Pulp, continually refining its presentation and product and working on exciting new veins of New Pulp to bring to readers and fans of all ages everywhere!

New Releases


She was one of America’s greatest heroes in its darkest days… She is now the world’s most powerful and alluring sorceress…. And She is working her magic in prose in the debut of her first digest novel-NIGHTVEIL: THE QUIET GIRLS! By arrangement with AC Comics and Nightveil Media, Pro Se Productions brings Nightveil- and the AC Comics Universe- to life in prose! One of the longest lasting independent comic innovators, AC Comics breathed new life into super hero tales by reaching into the Past to blast into the Future! Now Pro Se Productions ushers in a new chapter with its AC COMICS Imprint, debuting with NIGHTVEIL! A mystery spanning decades rears its head in the modern day, plunging Nightveil on a globetrotting adventure that poses a threat not only to her immortal soul but to all life on planet Earth! Will her magic be enough to save the world again? Find out in NIGHTVEIL: THE QUIET GIRLS by award winning author Barry Reese! From Pro Se Productions.

She Was a Beacon of Justice During the Dark Days of World War II. She Continues Her Heroic Battle Against Evil Today. Then and Now, Liberty Girl’s Fight has always been the same - A FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!

Pro Se Productions Proudly presents the second book based on Heroic Publishing’s LIBERTY GIRL. With tales by Richard C. White, Lou Mougin, and Lisa M. Collins and based on concepts created by Dennis Mallonee, LIBERTY GIRL: FIGHT FOR FREEDOM takes readers to the core of this stunning Heroine, revealing what makes Her tick, why She wars against Injustice, and how, no matter how powerful a force challenges her, She will never surrender freedom, hers or anyone else’s. 

Known for the Finest Superheroines in Comics, Heroic Publishing has teamed up with Pro Se Productions to bring its colossal cast of characters to prose! Two Independent Publishers Join Forces to bring a Superheroine to life in a brand new way. Heroic Publishing and Pro Se Productions Proudly Present LIBERTY GIRL: FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!

Flare. The Marksman. The Black Enchantress. Doctor Arcane. Lady Arcane. Rose. Icicle. Icestar. 

Alone, they are heroes. Together, they are a force for justice-The League of Champions.

In TERROR TIMES THREE, the first prose collection featuring the Heroic Publishing's premiere team of heroes, Author Lou Mougin pushes the League to its limits!

A demonic entity captures the president, replaces him with a doppleganger, and a handful of heroes face him in the highest-security area on Earth.
A malevolent robot declares war on the human race, but not until he destroys a wheelchair-bound mystic and the allies who stand beside him.
The League must decide whether or not to let their group strength dwindle, or accept the services of the deadliest sorceress of all.

TERROR TIMES THREE. And The League of Champions may never be the same again. From Heroic Publishing and Pro Se Productions.

New York City 1967. Headlines scream that The Silver Manticore, criminal mastermind, is dead. 

If he’s dead, who broke out of his City Morgue drawer? The Silver Manticore is at large, up to his mask in trouble! The Daily Sentry learns the Federal Reserve is being knocked over. Is the Silver Manticore behind it? 

A clever police detective, a determined reporter, and deadly ninjas trail the Silver Manticore and Bako. SILVER MANTICORE: STILL AT LARGE takes you through the winding streets of Chinatown, the mean streets of Brooklyn, the greenery of Long Island and deadly duels on rooftops with advanced autogyros darkening the skies. 

U.N.D.E.R. is breaking up and can’t help. 

Why was transplant surgeon Bernard Christian kidnapped? 

Who is the beautiful and alluring Lai Choi San? 

What invisible raider busted up a jail? Was it crooks from England, Italy, and Japan who cross swords with the Silver Manticore –literally. 

Or is it scoundrels from the Soviet Union, India, France, and China? Can they succeed if the Elixir Vitae keeping them alive is wearing off? 

All This and More in Author P.J. Lozito’s third volume in this iconic New Pulp series-SILVER MANTICORE: STILL AT LARGE From Pro Se Productions.

Man is the dominant species on Earth. Until the other species on the planet decide humanity is at the bottom of the food pyramid. PRIMAL FEAR flips the script for mankind. From insects to house pets to jungle creatures, we as humans have this nagging thought in our most feral minds that the beasts of the wild are out to get us, could cause us harm, and actually would really rather enjoy us as a meal. Six of today’s best Genre Fiction authors dissect that fear and bring it to life in harrowing, horrifying tales of the Animal Kingdom gone mad. Remember, be really nice to your house cat, or that spider on the wall. Because they will turn on You. PRIMAL FEAR. From

The greatest mysteries of all time, those of the arcane and occult sort, have met their match in the greatest detective ever known! Sherlock Holmes!

A rash of gruesome cannibal murders surrounding the construction of the London Underground draw Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson into a bizarre case in which reality changes without warning and Holmes faces perhaps his cleverest adversary.

In a second mystery, Holmes encounters a dead man in a locked room, and the only clue a crushed piece of yellow paper. Holmes and Watson follow a twisted path of murder and political intrigue that threatens to topple an empire and leave them dead in the process.

Follow Holmes and Watson as they traverse into a darkness beyond the ken of humanity in SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE AFFAIR OF THE CHRONIC ARGONAUT by Fred Adams, Jr.

Dark alleys. Hole in the wall dives. Bloody murder scenes. Places where criminals travel regularly. But they’re not the only ones. Men and women, in uniform or plainclothes, carrying badges and risking their lives every day follow them into the shadows. And sometimes the darkness is so thick that even those commissioned with keeping the law may never see the light again. POLICE PULP from Pro Se Productions and authors Robert Crow and Kevin Findley takes a hard boiled look at life behind the badge and the sacrifices that officers make every day to protect those they love, those they will never meet, and even those they pursue. POLICE PULP. From Pro Se Productions.

Of the ancient immortal mer-folk clan, Lori is the deadliest amongst them. An incredibly lovely, tall and curvaceous gray-eyed blonde with a mesmerizing voice, she once used her talents to lure unwary mariners to their doom. Held hostage by the Elder Gods through her reluctance to endanger the remainder of her kind, she now serves a higher purpose. The great pearl ring of her heritage is shackled by a fine chain leading to a rune-embossed silver bracelet that must never be removed. When unlinked, it can call forth her 'heroes'—four eternal warriors of old. All five have disgraced themselves in their previous incarnations and now do penance by ridding humanity of menaces both mortal and undead.

Four stories of violent redemption and reprisal involving mystery, suspense, and dangers both in the world of humankind and of the supernatural sphere comprise THE SONG OF HEROES. Meet Lori's four compelling colleagues: Sir Reginald the Paladin, Serge the French executioner, Modak the Cannibal King, and mysterious Herne the Hunter. With sword, axe, spear, and bow they guard their mistress and do her bidding—often reminding Lori of her own debt to those they now protect. Come trembling mortal, and travel into the gruesome world of the deathless avengers and listen again for THE SONG OF HEROES to rise on the salt sea breezes. By Nancy A. Hansen and from Hansen’s Way and Pro Se Productions.

Ritchie Walgreen, a former Special Forces operative turned CIA assassin and son of a former CIA assassin, inherits from his slain father a matchless Japanese katana sword. Wielding the katana as if it were a magic wand, Walgreen hews a reputation as "Al Katana," a ruthless enforcer against ISIS and other evil powers in the world, from Africa to the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Japan. Assisted by a succession of beautiful and brainy women in the intelligence business, Walgreen eludes hit teams and traps set by his nemesis, the vengeful Sheila McCaw, Deputy Director of the CIA, the Director of the Israeli Mossad, and other traditional intelligence agencies. Al Katana's unmistakable "signature" is that of decapitated victims, with their severed heads tucked between their legs. As the carnage of his blade grows and heads fall, the international press and entertainment industries make the insuperable, almost god-like Al Katana a global superhero through articles, books, films and even action figures. His imitators help spread the legend while Walgreen trains his own army of katana-brandishing clones. The World Has a New Hero to Fear. AL KATANA: VOLUME ONE by E. W. Farnsworth. From Pro Se Productions.

The Darkness was supposed to die with the Black Wolf…but a more sinister truth is rising… Author Kayla Larson returns readers to the world she created in her debut novel, WOLF WARRIORS in DARKNESS AND LIGHT, the second book in the series. Inside the ancient walls of Atreyavahl, Debello struggles to regain his memory months after the fall of Vaulx. But strange disappearances are happening all over Argethlam, and Debello is tasked to find the runaway daughter of Rambei. With his departure, a new enemy rises in the heart of allies. Debello must make a stand as the White Wolf once more against a new Darkness, one that has its coils tangled in Debello’s forgotten past. The gods said he wasn’t supposed to exist, and Debello will soon find out why… DARKNESS AND LIGHT by Kayla Larson. From Pro Se Productions

A nine year-old girl is abducted on a backwater colony world. Bad enough, but Sophie Crispianou is the daughter of the Terran Ambassador and the step-niece of Earth’s President, and the kidnapper has struck before, leaving his previous victim dead. Finding the child falls to Detective Inspector A. Afton Lamont and her new partner, Jerome. The Earth authorities don’t trust the local police to solve such a high profile case and send in some help from Terrapol, an agent with psionic abilities—a spook. Giselle is beautiful but deadly, a mind reader and possibly much more, and her only goal is rescuing the lost child, regardless of the consequences. Can this unlikely team find Sophie and save her before tragedy strikes? Deep in an abandoned mine at the edge of the city, something lurks, something old and evil, woken by the tears of a scared little girl and the cruelty of her captors. Jerome crosses its path, but Jerome has his own secrets and he isn’t exactly human. Can he defeat the Spirit in the Stone? THE SPOOK AND THE SPIRIT IN THE STONE by Jilly Paddock (DEAD MEN RISE UP NEVER). From Pro Se Productions.