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Batesville, AR 72503

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Based in Batesville, Arkansas, Pro Se Productions has become a leader on the cutting edge of New Pulp Fiction in a very short time.

Pulp Fiction, known by many names and identified as being action/adventure, fast paced, hero versus villain, over the top characters and tight, yet extravagant plots, is experiencing a resurgence like never before. And Pro Se Press, publishing New Pulp since August, 2011, is a major part of the revival, one of the reasons that New Pulp is growing by leaps and bounds!

Pro Se is the place to find Super Heroes, Explorers, Fairies, Werewolves, Men's Men, and Femme Fatales.  Specializing primarily in prose books, anthologies, and magazines, Pro Se has made a commitment to 'Put the Monthly Back into Pulp' and continues to do that successfully, producing at least one New Pulp work every month!  

Pro Se is an innovator in New Pulp, continually refining its presentation and product and working on exciting new veins of New Pulp to bring to readers and fans of all ages everywhere!

New Releases


Barney Fields, a retired farmer, meets Billy, a homeless youngster, at a farm auction. Through a freak set of circumstances, Barney becomes the owner of a mule, Two-Bits, who can speak. A terrific windstorm comes up and Barney and his two new friends find a rolling horse tank and try to hold it down by getting inside. After being ripped from the earth and sailing through a stormy sky, they find themselves in Munchkin Country in Oz. And it turns out one of the trio has been to Oz before… Two-Bits was once a reindeer for Santa Claus in Kringle’s Kingdom that retired. He had made the trip to Oz and crossed paths with a mischievous fellow known as the Prankster. The Prankster had swiped a magic book and was placing spells on different residents of Oz, thinking it was all in good fun. He, of course, was the only one who thought so. Barney, Billy, and Two-Bit begin their search to undo the spell on Two-Bits and to find THE PRANKSTER OF OZ. Author John R. Rose returns children of all ages to F. Frank Baum’s well loved Land of Oz. Journey with our band of heroes and encounter such characters as The Tin Woodman, a wire greyhound named Bouncer, Princess Ozma, frog-like cowboys riding razorback hogs, and even the infamous Wizard himself. Join Pro Se Productions and its YOUNGPULP! imprint on the other side of the rainbow for the pursuit of THE PRANKSTER OF OZ by John R. Rose.

Beautiful and seductive, some know her as Lahkshmi. Adventurous and even deadly as well, many more know her as THE TIGER OF MYSORE. Harkening back to classic pulp fantasy, author Jeff Hewitt introduces an exciting new character in five stories replete with clashing swords, sea dwelling monsters, death defying action, cunning, humor, and much more. From giant spiders to cursed idols, from white dragons to magical pirates, from stolen artifacts to evil crime lords, Lahkshmi proves why she is known in the alleys and castles as THE TIGER OF MYSORE. THE TIGER OF MYSORE is a thrilling pulp adventure starring Lahkshmi, the titular character. This book contains 5 stories featuring sword fights, monsters from beyond the depths, death-defying action, cunning, humor, and much, much more.

Once Pestilence walked the Earth with impunity…and Her five monstrous generals led Her charge, spreading sickness and devastation before Her. Then She created the Black Plague, and no longer could these men turned powerful abominations stand their Mistress’ actions. They betrayed Her, with assistance from Her brother, Death, and She was imprisoned, but not before cursing Her five minions. No longer did they cause destruction. Their eternal damnation was now to heal. The five became known as The Order of the Black Silk and found their way to the Other Side of the Veil, the world existing within and outside our own at the same time. There, they established the city of Cinis and creatures of all sorts came to be wondrously healed by the hellish beings. And many stayed, settled in Cinis, and found peace in the shadow of The Brothers. But now, something depraved has come to Cinis. Things once living and robust, now nearly dead and emaciated, all with the same foreboding warning-That She is coming and with Her comes Salvation. The Order of the Black Silk is now faced with uncovering what evil has been visited on their city and dealing with the one fear all of them have harbored forever…the possible return of Pestilence. THE ORDER OF THE BLACK SILK is the first in a trilogy of digest novels from author Kimberly Richardson, exploring how darkness can be made light and even in the brightest moment, darkness can fall like a death shroud. With artwork by Rick Johnson, this volume will take You places You never dreamed existed, or may have found only in your nightmares.

A man murders his family. A month later, he is shot and killed by police following a spectacularly violent jailbreak. Case closed. Or is it? An independent journalist retraces the killer's steps to find that sometimes there is more than madmen and murderers to fear by the light of the full moon. Horror and mystery collide in THE WOLVES OF WILLIAMSON COUNTY by Robert Crow. From Pro Se Productions.

The Musketeers-Men That Lived and Died and Legends in their own time. But some fought valiantly and never received the notice Alexandre Dumas and others have brought to their brothers. Many wore a different mantle, posing as a special guard, when in fact their lives…their very souls…were dedicated to a different battle, waging a war against the supernatural and evil from beyond. HAUNTED BLADES: TALES OF THE BLACK MUSKETEERS pulls back the bloody curtain on a secret organization within the most well known fighting force of rogues and warriors known to history. Enemies beyond human ken demand a different sort of man to confront them. Men willing to never be known for their work. Men prepared to die and be forgotten so evil will not triumph. These men are remembered in HAUNTED BLADES: TALES OF THE BLACK MUSKETEERS. From Pro Se Productions.

“The only clue to his identity was a small medallion with the words ‘Lazarus Gray’ stamped upon it.” He took that name and became one of Sovereign City’s greatest heroes, and formed an alliance with other lost souls like himself. Together they were Assistance Unlimited…and now they face their greatest loss ever! THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY appeared to end in the aftermath of GOTTERDAMERUNG with Lazarus Gray making the ultimate sacrifice. As the remaining members of Assistance Unlimited resume their lives, they find new allies and old who intend to honor the memory of the man who brought them together… …but as they plunge into a new mystery, they find themselves facing the possibility that the death of Lazarus Gray may not have been the end for him after all… Prepare to walk the shadowy worlds of death and life as a new chapter begins in THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME SIX!

Casey Fremont has a knack for solving mysteries… She also has a habit of ending up in danger…and this time both may get her killed! In FIVE-SIX, DEADLY MIX, Casey Fremont lands in the middle of a combined local police/FBI investigation into fraud and theft at a local hospital. Also, Two women have suspiciously fallen to their deaths before Casey reports for work in her undercover role. Once again, Casey brings her roommates, Effie Tremayne and Aaron Kincaid, along to lend a hand. As usual, the rest of Casey’s life is in turmoil as well. Love interests shift and change, someone close to Casey falls ill, and she receives a visit from an uncle she’s not seen in years. This all forces Casey to make decisions that affect her while she edges ever closer to the truth of the hospital case, once more putting that life in deadly peril! FIVE-SIX, DEADLY MIX is the third Casey Fremont Mystery from Author John Achor! Intrigue and Real life drama collide for Casey once again in this exciting volume of deduction and death! From Pro Se Productions.

Daniel Galbraith is an interstellar independent insurance investigator - if a claim is made on an insurance policy light years from your nearest office, he's the private detective you want for the contract. Trained in an alien martial art by masters of the Grempell warrior race and raised among the stars in a Terran military family, he's ready to go and look into any situation anywhere. His current assignment is to find an interstellar cargo ship that went missing with a load of diamonds as large as small cars. Under cover of another case, he makes his way to the planet Myrtilus. But even with his skills as a detective, he is not prepared for the anarchic situation on Myrtilus, where there is no government he can work with, and organized crime is just another form of business. Galbraith finds his way beset by violent gangs, deadly midnight assassins, and unexpected twists and turns as he fights to stay alive. He finds unlikely allies in two Grempell veterans and a Terran girl with unusual eyes. He pursues his investigation with their help, but will that be enough for Galbraith to solve, let alone survive, this case? Author Kimberly G. Hargan introduces an exciting, action packed new hero and series of adventures to Science Fiction in THE DAUPHIN’S LOST JEWELS. From Pro Se Productions.

From the four color pages of Heroic Publishing, The Shining Goddess of Light flies into all new Pulp Adventures! FLARE features three stories starring the most dazzling and powerful two fisted beauty ever to grace a comic book page. Born as a result of an evil experiment, the electrifying Terri Feran takes to street and sky and beyond as Flare, protecting justice and carrying on a legacy of heroism dating back to World War II.

Authors Lou Mougin, Brendan Jones, and M. Hadley take Flare from the comic page and thrust her into New Pulp! Enemies that threaten the entire universe! Secrets and ghosts from her past threatening the future of all! Darkness gathering to quench the light! And only FLARE stands in the way!

FLARE, an anthology from Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Heroic Publishing.

In order to achieve his goal of a sovereign Dixie Nation, fanatical Neo-Confederate dissident Thomas Marshall—megalomaniacal leader of the Southern Liberation Front—has forged an unholy alliance with Islamic radicals as well as various militant secessionist groups from around the globe. This clandestine conglomerate has spent years planning an international campaign of terror that will bring the world to the brink of World War III, thereby destabilizing global politics to the point that myriad governments become vulnerable to a coup—including that of the United States of America. His diabolical plan entering its final phase, Marshall begins to violently purge his organization of lackluster members.

When Bradford County, Tennessee sheriff Craig Connor stumbles upon a pair of dismembered corpses branded with SLF tattoos, he begins to unravel an outlandish conspiracy orchestrated by Marshall and his revolutionary brethren. Joined in the field by rogue FBI agent Michelle Dobson, Sheriff Connor follows a trail of increasingly alarming clues that point toward the SLF committing a brazen act of terrorism upon American soil in the near future. In order to save the lives of thousands of civilians and potentially prevent the country he loves from being torn apart, Connor must find the elusive mastermind Thomas Marshall and put a stop to his outrageous scheme at any cost.

In turn, Marshall must stay one step ahead of the surprisingly shrewd lawman and his beautiful, yet mysterious accomplice in order to fulfill his destiny. This high stakes game of cat-and-mouse plays out in dramatic fashion in BATTLEGROUND STATE by Owen Price. From Pro Se Productions.