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Based in Batesville, Arkansas, Pro Se Productions has become a leader on the cutting edge of New Pulp Fiction in a very short time.

Pulp Fiction, known by many names and identified as being action/adventure, fast paced, hero versus villain, over the top characters and tight, yet extravagant plots, is experiencing a resurgence like never before. And Pro Se Press, publishing New Pulp since August, 2011, is a major part of the revival, one of the reasons that New Pulp is growing by leaps and bounds!

Pro Se is the place to find Super Heroes, Explorers, Fairies, Werewolves, Men's Men, and Femme Fatales.  Specializing primarily in prose books, anthologies, and magazines, Pro Se has made a commitment to 'Put the Monthly Back into Pulp' and continues to do that successfully, producing at least one New Pulp work every month!  

Pro Se is an innovator in New Pulp, continually refining its presentation and product and working on exciting new veins of New Pulp to bring to readers and fans of all ages everywhere!

J. R. Roberts- Author

J.R. roberts- author

As “J.R. Roberts” Bob Randisi is the creator and author of the long running western series THE GUNSMITH.  As the series approaches #415, Speaking Volumes LLC is bringing them out as ebooks, starting with #1. The new Gunsmith books, beginning with #400, are now appearing in print from Pro Se Productions, and as ebooks from Piccadilly Publishing. Under various other pseudonyms he has created and written the “Tracker,” “Mountain Jack Pike,” “Angel Eyes,” “Ryder,” “Talbot Roper,” “The Son of Daniel Shaye,” and “the Gamblers” Western series.  His western short story collection, THR CAST-IRON STAR and OTHER WESTERN STORIES, is now available in print and as an ebook from Western Fictioneers Books.

In the mystery genre he is the author of the “Miles Jacoby,” “Nick Delvecchio,” “Gil & Claire Hunt,” “Dennis McQueen,” “Joe Keough,” and “The Rat Pack,” series.  He has written more than 500 western novels and has worked in the Western, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Horror and Spy genres. He is the editor of over 30 anthologies.  All told he is the author of over 650 novels. .   His arms are very, very tired.

His Rat Pack novel, EVERYBODY KILLS SOMEBODY SOMETIME, was optioned for a film, for which he wrote the screenplay. The most recent Rat Pack novel is WHEN SOMEBODY KILLS YOU (Severn House, 2015).

He is the founder of the Private Eye Writers of America, the creator of the Shamus Award, the co-founder of Mystery Scene Magazine, the American Crime Writers League, Western Fictioneers and their Peacemaker Award.

In 2009 the Private Eye Writers of America awarded him the Life Achievement Award, and in 2013 the Readwest Foundation presented him with their President’s Award for Life Achievement.  

Clint Adams, a man whose name was known far and wide in the West. Men trembled and women quivered when he rode into town, for Adams was also the legendary figure known as The Gunsmith! Written by J. R. Roberts, The Gunsmith rides once more as he charges head on into danger and death seeking the stolen body of President Abraham Lincoln in THE LINCOLN RANSOM! Extremists loyal to the now dead Confederacy capture the corpse of Lincoln and the Government goes to The Gunsmith to get it back! With ransom in hand, Clint Adams sets out to discover who was behind the snatching of his friend, President Abraham Lincoln. With his friend, private detective Talbot Roper, The Gunsmith encounters soldiers not yet ready to give up the fight and ready to die for the Confederacy! Two men against a potential army… an army that doesn’t stand a chance when one of those men is The Gunsmith! THE GUNSMITH #400: THE LINCOLN RANSOM by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions!

The Gunsmith’s reputation is legendary across the west when it comes to women, but there is one companion above all else Clint Adams would do whatever it takes to protect-Eclipse, his Darley Arabian stallion. When Eclipse is stolen in the night by a notorious horse thief thought dead, The Gunsmith tears across Texas and into New Mexico, intent on retrieving his most trusted friend and putting anyone in the ground who stands in his way. Teaming up with a bounty hunter he’d crossed paths with before, Adams hunts the outlaws who stole his horse and discovers that more than simple horse stealing, even more than Eclipse is at stake. Riding deep into enemy territory, The Gunsmith finds madmen intent on anarchy in New Mexico and a seductive woman, ready to use her body and more to make sure that she is queen of a lawless land! THE GUNSMITH #401: NEW MEXICO POWDER KEG by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions!

When Clint Adams rides into Casa Grande, Arizona, everyone starts talking. Women rush to be near him and smart men step out of his way. But some just simply aren’t sharp enough to be afraid of The Gunsmith. Only planning to stay a day or so, The Gunsmith finds himself inadvertently tangled up in a fight between two families. The Tanner brothers, trying their hardest to be bad men, come into conflict with the Colters, the reigning outlaws in town. Owing them money, the Tanners come up with a dangerous idea when they learn Clint Adams is in Casa Grande. They intend to kidnap The Gunsmith for ransom! Suddenly in danger from all sides, including a kill crazy gunslinger desperate to add him to the notches in his pistol, Adams finds himself unable to trust anyone, even the beautiful women pursuing him. As families fight, it falls to The Gunsmith to deal out death, just to make sure he rides out of town alive. THE GUNSMITH #402: KIDNAP A GUNSMITH by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions!

Clint Adams is known far and wide for his expertise with a gun, but The Gunsmith is just as legendary for his prowess with women. Both come into play when a comely young doctor approaches him to help her grandfather, an aged sheriff who is in over his head. She asks The Gunsmith to save the old man, even if it means convincing him he’s too old for the badge, whether he wants it or not! Adams agrees, but rides into town with his own plan- to infiltrate the gang of outlaws threatening the town and tear it apart from within. Finding the sheriff to be more stubborn and in need of help than he thought, The Gunsmith realizes that saving anyone will most definitely mean bullets and blood. Surrounded by the cantankerous sheriff, deadly cutthroats, and a beautiful redhead named Glory, The Gunsmith finds himself staring down gun barrels and standing face to face with Death. THE GUNSMITH #403: LAWMAN’S SUNSET by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions!

Circuses make Clint Adams uneasy. But, when one comes through an Arizona town where he’s playing cards, The Gunsmith finds himself under the Big Top and in pursuit of a homicidal maniac! Someone is murdering women and Clint Adams learns that the killings may be tied to the traveling circus moving into town. Although one who keeps to his own business, Adams finds himself encouraged by the local sheriff and intrigued enough by the rash of killings to begrudgingly help. And in order to do that, The Gunsmith joins the circus. Going undercover, Clint Adams is certain that the killer is one of the circus folk. As they travel to the next town, he encounters a silent, sensual female clown, a daring and beautiful lion tamer, among others. To stop the killings, The Gunsmith finds himself in the center ring, a target for murder! THE GUNSMITH #404: THREE RINGS OF JUSTICE by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions!

Where The Gunsmith travels, trouble is usually waiting for him. Clint Adams finds out how true this is when a beautiful young woman asks him to protect her. A band of outlaws has threatened to kidnap and harm her in order to force her wealthy father to do their bidding. But thanks to her beauty and the promise of a thousand dollars, the trio of bloodthirsty killers will have to deal with The Gunsmith. From the wilds of California to the city of San Francisco, Clint Adams rides to insure his charge’s safety and to find a way to stop the murderous rampage of the mysterious gang. Death and deception run wild in the streets of San Francisco and they seek The Gunsmith! THE GUNSMITH #405: BLOOD COAST by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions!

The Gunsmith only takes jobs that he wants to, that is until riding into Festus, Wyoming. The most powerful rancher in the county offers Clint Adams a seemingly easy proposition, just making a delivery to California. Even though part of the package is a stunning woman, Adams refuses and suddenly finds himself accused of a crime he did not commit. Facing jail or death by hanging, Adams takes on the job and the girl. What he rides into turns into much more than his arm being twisted and a simple delivery. Bullets fly and betrayal and blood flow as The Gunsmith finds himself fighting to stay alive! THE GUNSMITH #406: The PUT UP JOB by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions!

Dodge City was known as home for a time to many famous men-Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and Clint Adams. But when The Gunsmith finds out a lady acquaintance has left him a large inheritance, he rides into Dodge to find its boomtown history a thing of the past. Still, that doesn’t mean that danger isn’t waiting to put a slug in Clint Adams. While trying to decide what to do with his new found wealth, Adams uncovers a conspiracy to use the ranch he now owns for criminal purposes. Finding himself caught between bloodthirsty outlaws, conniving businessmen, and beautiful women, The Gunsmith will be lucky if he lives long enough to enjoy his windfall! THE GUNSMITH #407: The DODGE CITY INHERITANCE by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions!

The Gunsmith finds himself riding along Monterey Bay because he wanted to see the ocean. He gets more than he bargains for, seeing a young girl being pursued by three men. Helping her, The Gunsmith soon rides into the midst of hatred, thievery, and death. Saving the girl, Adams finds himself in the nearby town of Pacific Grove where he learns of the lighthouse at Point Pinos and its beguiling keeper. Curious about the stories swirling around the lighthouse and its proprietor, Clint stays around Pacific Grove, questions about several things nagging at him. As he learns about the legend of the ‘gold at Point Pinos’ and a plot to steal it from its alleged owner, the lighthouse mistress, The Gunsmith heads straight into bullets, battle, and blood on the beach! THE GUNSMITH #408: THE GOLD OF POINT PINOS by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions!

A bullet from behind downs The Gunsmith as he rides through Arizona, only surviving because Eclipse carried him to safety. Discovered by a lonely widow as tough as the land she works, Clint Adams is well taken care of. And yet, his pistol is never too far from his hand for The Gunsmith knows the killer who failed literally wants another shot at him. When the day comes that the bounty hunter trying to make his name by killing Adams tries again, someone dies-the widow who loved Clint back to health. Now, the hunter becomes the hunted as Adams will let no man, no bullet, not even death itself keep him from putting down the coward that murdered a woman and backshot The Gunsmith. THE GUNSMITH #409: SHOT IN THE BACK by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions!

Clint Adams is no stranger to how dangerous the business of gold mining can be, but The Gunsmith is used to facing those dealing in blood. When a phantom like assassin begins killing miners in a Colorado boom town so that his employer can pick up their holdings cheap, Clint find himself protecting a man and his daughter from the same fate. Clint decides to find out who the killer is, and who he is working for while keeping his charges safe. He also is intent on keeping the assassin from adding the Gunsmith to his list of victims. THE GUNSMITH #410: SILENT ASSASSIN by J. R. Roberts. From Pro S

Clint Adams is legendary as a hunter of men. But that is not the only beast The Gunsmith has pursued before. This time, however, he may become the hunted…and even prey… When two cowboys are killed by a savage grizzly, a rancher offers Adams the job of taking the monster down. Even though he’s hunted bear before, Adams sides with a beautiful woman who wishes to protect the bear. This leads to the job of stopping the bear going to Matt Kraven and his gang. Thing is, Kraven decides he’s go two prizes to bag- the bear…and The Gunsmith! THE GUNSMITH #411: GRIZZLY HUNT by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions!

Even when Clint Adams tries to mind his own business, death finds him. There will be no peace and quiet in South Dakota for The Gunsmith, only bullets and blood… A poker game turns deadly when the man who runs the tiny town of Departure takes offense at a gambler winning fifty dollars off of him. A game that happened to include The Gunsmith. Trying to simply find some time to himself, Adams instead ends up in a battle between two men. And before it is over, animals, both man and beast, will be out to murder an attractive woman…and The Gunsmith! THE GUNSMITH #412: DAKOTA KILL by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions!

Bad men of all types have come after Clint Adams. But can even The Gunsmith stare down a devil in a showdown? Adams rides into a New Mexico town that is in the grip of insanity. Townspeople turned murderers, men killing family and friends without rhyme or reason. Though The Gunsmith is skeptical, many believe that the town is cursed by a demon from Hell. It isn’t until Adams sees the savage violence for himself that he decides, man or demon, something must be done. From the heights of madness to the depths of the Earth itself, The Gunsmith means to end whatever curse holds the town…or die trying! THE GUNSMITH #413: DEMON’S CURSE by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions!

Clint Adams is known wide and far, feared by many, but respected as well. When two he considers friends end up under the gun and considering a hangman’s noose, The Gunsmith aims true and shoots fast… Adams finds himself in Oregon, invited by a friend who is participating in a unique contest to win the bid for clearing acres of lumber from an eccentric rich man’s land. The competition is a lumberjack free for all, including axe throwing, pole climbing, and log rolling. While The Gunsmith plans to enjoy the festivities, he makes a new friend, a voluptuous blonde woman ready to compete against all the men in the contest. When a ‘gandy dancer’ is found murdered, both of Adams’ friends are potential suspects. The Gunsmith finds himself in a competition all his own, a race against time to find the real killer… THE GUNSMITH #414: DEATH OF A GANDY DANCER by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions!

After hearing that Doc Holliday died in a hospital bed in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Clint Adams receives word that Doc’s friends are meeting for an impromptu wake and funeral in the town of Colton, California. When he arrives the Gunsmith finds living legends in attendance, including Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp, Bat Masterson, Luke Short, and others. He also finds Virgil is now the first city marshal of Colton and, as the others leave after the funeral, Clint discovers that if he rides out, too, Virgil Earp may end up dead. As marshal of the newly incorporated city of Colton, Virgil Earp has to deal with a crew of dangerous cowboys riding into town. Still fairly formidable, even with only one good arm, Virgil recognizes he may need help and asks Clint to stay on for a bit, that this won’t turn into the OK Corral all over again, that the two of them can handle it. Before long, though, things get out of hand and the Gunsmith finds himself having to keep he and Virgil both alive. Between the gang of cowboys and a beautiful red haired saloon owner, Clint Adams may be in over his head…or six feet under! The Gunsmith #415-THE FUNERAL OF DOC HOLIDAY by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions.

Clint Adams has ridden into danger for many reasons and little surprises him. Not even when an attractive red haired researcher hires him to help her find a mysterious treasure. The Gunsmith finds, though, he may end up just as buried as the prize they seek! Riding into New Mexico looking for a tomb containing the mysterious treasure known as El Gato de Oro, Clint acts as a scout for the party as they travel through dangerous Indian country. His boss, the eye catching red head, wants El Gato de Oro for its historical significance. Others, though, seek it for their own selfish reasons and are willing to kill for it, even aiming their guns and greeds right at The Gunsmith! The Gunsmith #416: The Tomb of Joaquin by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions.

Almost as well known for his card playing as his shooting skills, Clint Adams finds himself on a riverboat cruise, taking on all comers. But what The Gunsmith doesn’t know about this trip down the Mississippi just might get him killed! Captain Henry Morgan of the sternwheeler The Natchez Queen needed to get more people on the deck of his ship. Bringing on Clint Adams and convincing him to play poker against anyone willing to turn a card was a good plan, but Morgan needed The Gunsmith for another reason. Morgan was a marked man, with someone trying to end his business one attempted sabotage after another. Between hands of poker, Adams finds himself hunting down the guilty party while keeping company with two alluring women. Between aces on the table, the two queens vying for his attention, and the jokers trying to destroy the ship, The Gunsmith finds himself in danger of being dealt his own dead man’s hand! The Gunsmith #417: Ace High by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions.

Finding himself in New York City once again, Clint Adams intended to take in the sights and enjoy the food and atmosphere that the metropolis had to offer. The Gunsmith didn’t plan on the beautiful red haired art gallery owner…or the men out to take everything she had, including her life! Clint’s curiosity about art and his immediate interest in Nadine Jensen, owner of her own gallery, put him square in the sights of Emory Bates. Intent on taking over the gallery, whether Nadine wishes to sell or not, Bates does whatever he and his hired guns can do to get his way. They didn’t plan on The Gunsmith having an interest in either art or the redhead. And Clint hadn’t planned on coming to New York for a relaxed visit and ending up once again staring death down in the streets of the big city! The Gunsmith #418: The Art of the Gun by J. R. Roberts. From Pro Se Productions.