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Based in Batesville, Arkansas, Pro Se Productions has become a leader on the cutting edge of New Pulp Fiction in a very short time.

Pulp Fiction, known by many names and identified as being action/adventure, fast paced, hero versus villain, over the top characters and tight, yet extravagant plots, is experiencing a resurgence like never before. And Pro Se Press, publishing New Pulp since August, 2011, is a major part of the revival, one of the reasons that New Pulp is growing by leaps and bounds!

Pro Se is the place to find Super Heroes, Explorers, Fairies, Werewolves, Men's Men, and Femme Fatales.  Specializing primarily in prose books, anthologies, and magazines, Pro Se has made a commitment to 'Put the Monthly Back into Pulp' and continues to do that successfully, producing at least one New Pulp work every month!  

Pro Se is an innovator in New Pulp, continually refining its presentation and product and working on exciting new veins of New Pulp to bring to readers and fans of all ages everywhere!

Jeffrey Hayes-Artist



Jeff Hayes was born and raised in Austin, Texas where he continues to live and work today. He began his graphic design career working as a pen and ink illustrator for a role-playing and strategic gaming company and work several years as a commercial illustrator for a retail grocery chain. In 1989, he changed careers and has served as a law enforcement officer for over 25-years. During this time he has continued working as a part-time illustrator and graphic designer, focusing primarily on audio, television, and film entertainment promotions. He has provided a number of productions one-sheet promotional posters, pitch packages and pre-production concept art for television and film, and has worked as a set photographer and scenic artist on independent film productions.

A fan of diverse subject matter, his core interests remains science fiction, fantasy, western, and not surprising - crime dramas. Hayes is inspired by such classic illustrators as J.C. Leyendecker, James Bama, Bruce Minney, Bob Peek, Drew Struzan, and comic book artists like Jim Steranko and Neil Adams. Most recently, Hayes has provided hundreds of illustrations for audio drama promotions, covering a wide variety of classical and contemporary subjects. Working in the digital realm, primarily to maximize time and save money on art supplies, he accomplishes most work with a combination of traditional media and digital painting in Photoshop and Corel Painter. Examples of his artwork can be found on his website at

When not “fighting crime” or illustrating crime fighters, Hayes enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and granddaughter, as well as his canine companions.

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” So said Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street, more than a century ago.

Vionna Valis and Mary Jane Kelly are a pair of hard working psychic detectives experiencing a run of bad luck. A new detective agency, the Femmes Fatales, is taking most of their business. Things seem to change for the better in the form of a new client named Scudder Moran, a wealthy young man with a unique problem; He has been targeted by the very, very late Professor James Moriarty—the Napoleon of Crime in another century, now Lord of the Vampires.  

Vionna and Mary find themselves in the middle of a case where everything is both improbable and impossible. How will they find their way to the truth? Unexpected help arrives in the ghostly person of the Great Detective himself, and they set about unraveling a tangled web of lies and secrecy that reaches deep into each of their lives. Can they find the light before Moriarty unleashes his final, most horrific scheme? 

VIONNA AND THE VAMPIRES by Chuck Miller (Creator of The Black Centipede) is the first volume in the “Moriarty, Lord of the Vampires” trilogy. With evocative and stunning cover art by Jeff Hayes!

With ultimate power, who is corrupted more? The Good or the Evil? 
At the start of the 20th century in the city of Port Victoria, three college students were given a formula that imbued them with incredible powers; strength, agility, and speed. Donning masks and capes, they took to the streets to fight crime and battle evil. Their tactics were effective but harsh, stacking up a body count larger than the mobs.  
But as the decades went by, the heroes passed their abilities through their bloodline to each generation of their descendants. And each generation spawned a hero to protect the Port.

Born into a city when the first generation of heroes fought, Eric Raven struggled in the mean streets of Port Victoria to survive. After witnessing the horrific murder of his mother, he found a home in an orphanage where the men of God taught him right from wrong. Another lesson he learned, however, is that sometimes what is considered right by some is evil in the eyes of others.  

Although lacking super powers, Eric transforms himself into The Bishop to bring his own form of justice and peace to the city. But as he grows physically and spiritually, he finds the lines between good and evil blurred. Are the heroes doing God’s work or is he? And in the end, will he be the city’s spiritual leader or the world’s most diabolical villain?  

The Bishop of Port Victoria by D. Alan Lewis chronicles the life of Eric Raven from orphaned street rat to a bastion of power in his nineties in a collection of intertwining stories. Set in the city Lewis debuted in Pro Se Productions’ ground breaking Black Pulp anthology, these two fisted tales not only features stunning characters and edge of your seat action, but also explore truly what it means to be a hero and a villain and how a man might just be both. With explosive cover art by Jeff Hayes!

The Bishop of Port Victoria by D. Alan Lewis from Pro Se Productions.

Pro Se Productions Proudly Debuts Its First Title based on the characters of Heroic Publishing! 
LIBERTY GIRL written by Barry Reese based on concepts created by Dennis Mallonee. 

Known for the Finest Superheroines in Comics, Heroic Publishing has teamed up with Pro Se Productions to bring its colossal cast of characters to prose! And flying into her own digest novel first is Bronze Goddess of Freedom herself, LIBERTY GIRL! 

During the dark days of World War II and well into the brighter days of the decade that followed, the Liberty Girl defended America from enemies at home and abroad. Beautiful, brave, and powerful, the Liberty Girl was the living embodiment of America's fighting spirit. 

She vanished suddenly, without a trace, in the mid 1950s. 

Fifty years later, the Liberty Girl reappeared as inexplicably as she had vanished. She was still younG and as powerful as ever. 

America's Angel had returned in her country's darkest hour. The Liberty Girl is ready to defend the free world from the dark forces that threaten to destroy it. 

This volume features the adaptation of the original Heroic mini series 'Liberty Girl: The Return" as well as an original story by Barry Reese based on Mallonee's concepts. Featuring an excellent cover by Jeff Hayes!

Two Independent Publishers Join Forces to bring a Superheroine to life in a brand new way. Heroic Publishing and Pro Se Productions Proudly Present LIBERTY GIRL! 

In the year 2212, long after the world was reshaped by seismic cataclysms and polar shifts, Dr. Laurent Stine guides Angelique Bosc and Alexander Blanton into the inner sanctum of a fortress named Thames Keep, which is located on Cadaver Island. Their journey to acquire a battery pack for Angelique’s mechanical heart reaches its final seconds while they are forced to overcome menacing creatures and dangerous obstacles in the fortress’ maze-like interior. Unknown to Dr. Stine, his lover, Persephone, faces her own dilemma: she is abducted from her jail cell, which is located in the village of Kamakura, by a monstrous hellhound named Barghest. Can Dr. Stine defeat his arch-nemesis, Sir Xavier Thames, and obtain a charged battery pack before Angelique’s heart runs out of energy? Will Persephone enter the Stone Throat of the Underworld and succumb to the malevolent will of Beelzebub? New allies, such as King Reginald Bosc and a skilled warrior named Amaya, will escort Dr. Stine into the Underworld to locate Persephone and remove a cursed mask from her face before her soul is lost forever.  

THE MASK OF BEELZEBUB is the second installment of a trilogy by author Kevin Rodgers, which expands a post-apocalyptic world where powerful demons, prehistoric beasts, and enormous insects thrive in fiery chasms, subterranean gardens, and giant hives. Dr. Laurent Stine and his allies will explore the depths of the Underworld to defeat the temptations of sin, overcome their inner demons, and resist the will of Corruption!  

 MASK OF BEELZEBUB by Kevin Rodgers from Pro Se Productions!

Ten women. Each one between a rock that might be her tombstone and a hard place that it may take a gun to blast her way out of. Author Thad Brown's collection of hard bitten, bullet paced fiction centered on women embroiled in violence and danger takes Pulp to a whole new level. Being a Woman often means fighting against all odds. And the women in Brown's tales are charter members of 'The Smoking Gun Sisterhood. A fantastic double barrelled collection from Author Thad Brown and Pro Se Productions. 
“Some of the ten titles might help to give you a fairly good idea of what to expect: Biker Angel; Cops and Robbers; Sisters, Dark and Light.... Brown has a nicely cinematic tone to his writing –it’s very easy to visualize proceedings in my mind’s eye as they unfolded, and the three entries mentioned above would all have potential as movies. … certainly comes recommended to action heroine fans. There’s plenty of variety in scenarios, and even the least of the tales is still fun to read. I think the overall attitude of the stories is what makes them work.”


“Walking past an alleyway is when it hit. Suddenly, I felt a banging on my skull as though I was hit with a truck. The only thing I could see were stars. As I was going down I threw an uppercut wildly and kept throwing as I went down. I couldn't tell if I connected but I sure as hell felt a couple of good kicks to my ribs. As hard as I fought to stay awake all I saw in front of my eyes was a growing blackness. As I went out I swore I heard a voice in my ear threatening me and the squeal of tires.” 

Such is the life of John Hasard, P.I. 

Hasard wasn't always a loner. He was made that way due to the loss of his wife, partner, and pretty much everyone else that he ever got close to.  

Was he bad luck or was he just getting what he deserved? 

But, Hasard isn’t alone. Whether it's a sassy cab driver, an arrogant professor, a condescending secretary, or a surly bartender, John's world is full of people who care about him and want to help regardless if he wants it or not. 

The stories of John Hasard are a throwback to classic Pulp detective stories. Nasty men, beautiful dames, and eccentric sidekicks people the city and the stories that Hasard lives within. So, pour yourself a drink on the rocks, tilt your fedora, light one if you got it and perch yourself on the edge of your seat for a classic PI type two fisted read. 

THE ADVENTURES OF JOHN HASARD by Edward J. Indovina. Published by Pro Se Productions.

It is said that a Hero hides in every person. But a Villain also waits in each heart, ready to strike. Which a person becomes is determined by many things, including the whim of external forces around them and the choices they make. Author K M Indovina explores this aspect of humanity, the fickle line between good and evil and the vast gulf of gray between the two in her short story collection- The Remnant and Other Tales.  

From regular people to masked vigilantes and beyond, Indovina tackles the question of what makes us good or evil and more importantly, which one makes us more human? Horror, Adventure, Romance, and more await in THE REMNANT AND OTHER TALES by K M Indovina. From Pro Se Productions.

Half Human. Half Fiction. All Action and Adventure. Diogenes Ra, Joseph Lamere’s breakout character of 2013, returns in DRAMATIS PERSONAE: CHARACTER FLAWS. 

Diogenes Ra is using his unique talents as a half-fictional character, working for an auction house that deals with the disembodied consciousnesses of famous--and infamous--fictions. Up for sale is the consciousness of Praed Pontine, so-called Master of Detection and heir to the memories and inner workings of the Great Detective himself, Sherlock Holmes. Security is tight. Tensions are high. All the most famous thieves of the past half-century are on hand, looking for weak spots in the security. 
When the auction goes awry and Pontine's consciousness winds up in the hands of a master thief named Baffle, Ra has to travel into fiction's past in order to catch him. This time he has company: the implanted "back seat driver" who calls himself the Narrator, the voice of conscience which has issues of his own. 
While visiting fiction's past Ra crosses paths with his father, Seamus the Shamus, a trans-temporal collision that has unforeseen consequences for them both.  
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: CHARACTER FLAWS sees Joseph Lamere’s extremely popular concept return for a second volume. In a world where a man can be both real and fictional, human and character, anything can happen. And usually does to Diogenes Ra. Mystery, drama, action, and humor all come together in the follow up to DRAMATIS PERSONAE: PUBLIC DOMAIN. Find out more than the denizens of your fiction ever wanted you to know about them in DRAMATIS PERSONAE: CHARACTER FLAWS by Joseph Lamere and from Pro Se Productions.

Katarina O'Brian lives with a secret, one that she has hidden from most of the world her entire life. When she tries to warn others of an impending epidemic, of a sickness like no other, no one listens. Until its too late and both secrets, her own and the one no one wanted to hear, boil to the surface. Will she stand alone between the world and the disease history will remember as REAPER? 

Pro Se Productions Presents REAPER by HC Playa, a Pro Se Single Shot spotlighting the central character from DAUGHTER OF DESTINY, Playa's full length novel, available in March 2014 from Pro Se Productions.

What would you do to save your homeland from foreign invaders? Would you risk your fortune, your family, and even your life to cast them back into the sea? To earn the moniker, The Savior of Istara, Tameri jeopardized all of this and more. This daughter of Breuxias risked her immortal soul. 

THE SAVIOR OF ISTARA: A Tale from the Cycle of Ages Saga by Jeremy Hicks is both a quest story and a tale of revelation. Follow Tameri as she ascends as a Hero by descending nearly into the depths of Any and All Hells. THE SAVIOR OF ISTARA by Jeremy Hicks.

Tall Tales. Stories of larger than life characters, heroes who stand above everyone else and perform great feats. From digging the Grand Canyon to reversing the flow of the Mississippi River itself, there are figures woven into American history and lore that seem ready made for the classic Pulp magazines of yesteryear! Now, todays best and brightest writers of Genre Fiction take those classic legends and shine a new light on them. Pro Se Productions proudly presents TALL PULP. Thrill as characters like Jim Bowie, Joe Magarac, Anne Bonny, and Mike Fink come to life in two fisted action adventure tales! Learn of the mysterious Leatherman and thrill to his wild adventures! And discover a whole new take on the concept of Paul Bunyan! Authors D. Alan Lewis, Gordon Dymowski, Nancy A. Hansen, Phillip Drayer Duncan, David White, and Greg Daniel take characters, both historic and fictional, and give them a treatment like no other. TALL PULP from Pro Se Productions.

Inside these covers, find not simply stories of daring do, of intrigue and espionage, of Kings and Murderers. No, within this tome are not tales, but maps. Maps that lead to the origins of some of our best known stories and folklore. And Keys. Keys to open doors to not only the past and the secret beginnings of such standards as Cinderella’s Slipper, but to new ideas founded in history and mystery. Find things You only thought You knew and never imagined when You go WHERE STORIES DWELL By I.A. Watson Starring: The Duke of Marlborough, swashbuckler, soldier, adventurer, and ladies’ man Medea of Colchis, seductive sorceress and woman scorned Eleanor of Aquitaine, the most powerful woman in Europe Brutus Giantslayer, who overcame Gog and Magog to found a nation William Paget, Earl of Uxbridge, and especially his right leg Princess Enheduanna, High Priestess of the Moon Goddess Nanna William the Conqueror, a bastard by name, birth, and nature Sir Francis Dashwood, wicked master of the wicked Hell Fire Club King Arthur Pendragon, rightwise born King of All Britain Kings Henry II, IV, V, and VIII, who average to King Henry IV¾, plus a guest Edward Rhodopis of the Stolen Slipper, a damsel in distress with familiar problems Acting Major William Martin, a Royal Marine who died before he was ever born Inspector-General James Barry MD, a military surgeon who never existed at all Spring-Heeled Jack, fire-breathing iron-clawed terror of the night The Lone Ranger and Tonto With a full cast of gods, monarchs, smiths, Celts, Hussites, supervillains, sacrificial virgins, Londoners, knights, heretics, lighthouse-keepers, Methodists, spectral hounds, Loathly Ladies, pulp writers, revolutionaries, spies, and souvenir-vendors to match all tastes. WHERE STORIES DWELL is unique volume in PULPSTUDIES, an imprint of Pro Se Productions. PULPSTUDIES focuses on the nonfiction of New Pulp. This includes volumes about sources for ideas as well as unique academic studies of New Pulp series and characters and other various types of reference books. Author I. A. Watson brings his enlightening and often humorous take on various legends and lores as he acts as our guide through WHERE STORIES DWELL. From PULPSTUDIES and Pro Se Productions.

Flesh-eating zombies invade a biker bar! Is it an isolated incident, or a ghastly foretaste of a nation-wide plague of zombies? Harry Black and his girlfriend Irena have to survive the first zombie onslaught in order to find out while society crashes and burns all around them. Synwulfe, one of the most feared bounty hunters in the solar system, battles an army of homicidal mutant warriors to rescue an armored vehicle full of alluring and beautiful women. But their great beauty conceals a deadly secret. After saving the women from a hideous death, will Synwulfe become their next victim? The starship U.N.S. Tsiolkovsky voyages to Rigel 5 on what the crew thinks will be a standard search and rescue mission. But the tables quickly turn when the rescue party becomes trapped and is being picked off one by one by a terrifying alien force unlike anything they’ve ever encountered. Three Tales of terror and adventure by Author S. C. Ringgenberger await those who dare in Zombie Gundown and Other Tales from Pro Se Productions!

Author Rick Nichols’ John Logan, Ex Spy Turned Private Detective, has found a new home at Pro Se Productions. COLD DISH, Logan’s debut novel with Pro Se, is the fifth novel in the Logan Series. And now Logan’s first four adventures are also available, all together in one action adventure omnibus from Pro Se Productions. SURVIVOR’S AFFAIR John Logan has left his life in the intelligence community behind, eking out a meager living as a private investigator and trying to stay off the espionage radar. But keeping a low profile proves harder than he thought when Coral Bay's millionaire Golden Boy ends up on the wrong side of a Samurai sword and his former mentor's wayward daughter the number one suspect. Finding himself honor bound, Logan is forced to join the hunt for the real killer. THE AFFAIRS OF MEN Private Investigator John Logan has always been haunted by the tragic mission years before that took the lives of his black-ops team. But when he sees one of his former teammates alive in downtown Coral Bay, with a luscious woman by his side, and a horde of Russian hit men on his tail…Logan realizes that there was more to the ill-fated mission than he originally believed. As the danger rises, Logan will be forced to visit those places he had sworn off forever, dark shadows of his heart not seen since the death of his beloved Shikira. THE SHELTERING TREE Mason Killian lies in critical condition, the victim of a drive by hit. With his best friend fighting for his life, John Logan is determined to unravel who is responsible. To find justice for his friend, Logan must do the unthinkable: he must dig into Killian's life and open things that Killian has kept forever closed. What he finds will lead Logan into a web of deceit, betrayal, and murder, and could jeopardize his friendship with the man who has been his brother in arms for twenty years. INTO THE MAGIC NIGHT When a beautiful exotic dancer asks John Logan for help he is all too willing to help. But she's scared and before she can meet with Logan to tell him her problem, she's dead and Logan is left with more questions than answers. Who was she and why was she so scared? His digging will put Logan into the seedier side of Coral Bay and get him involved with a ruthless businessman, a venture capitalist, and could put him at odds with one of Logan's dearest friends. JOHN LOGAN: FOUR IN THE CHAMBER by Rick Nichols from Pro Se Productions.

Struggling to recover from a disastrous marriage and contentious divorce, Casey Fremont would prefer to make ends meet with her paycheck from a temp job; but now her goal of personal and mental renewal becomes one of staying alive as she solves a riddle of murder and mayhem. Casey Fremont is on her way to interview for a temp job when a falling body nearly lands on her. Three days later, a second man, this one from her own office, dies in a similar manner and Casey is drawn into the intrigue. She confirms her suspicions, but one of her her friends ends up in the hands of kidnappers. Casey must solve the mystery before se becomes the third body to go over the railing. Author John Achor introduces amateur sleuth Casey Fremont in a newly released edition of One-Two, Kill A Few: A Casey Fremont Mystery from Pro Se Productions.

Astounding New Adventures of the World’s Most Famous Detective- The Astonishing Tales of Sherlock Holmes! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation that literally changed the face of fiction and popular culture lives on in a daring new imprint from Pro Se Productions. Author Nikki Nelson-Hicks takes Holmes and Dr. Watson on a mystifying, shocking journey into mystery and intrigue in the line’s debut volume- The Astonishing Tales of Sherlock Holmes: The Shrieking Pits! Dr. John Watson discovers that his friend, Sherlock Holmes, has gone missing while hunting fairies in Norfolk with Ulysses K. Todd and his secretary, Mrs. Bernardine Dowell. Concerned that his friend is on a drug induced bender, Watson goes with the pair to Aylmerton to help his friend, only to discover something more sinister is afoot. What appears a frivolous excursion into myth hunting takes on a different tone when Watson discovers encrypted notes from the Diogenes Club to Holmes. The World’s Greatest Detective is not hunting fairies, but on the trail of Viking silver and a daring heist. Holmes must use every skill at his disposal to discover the secret of the Shrieking Pits while deftly maneuvering around ghost hunters and fairy enthusiasts….and not add to the body count. Nikki Nelson-Hicks brings her adoration for Doyle’s character as well as her own fervent imagination to brilliant life in The Astonishing Tales of Sherlock Holmes: The Shrieking Pits! From Pro Se Productions.

Gary Phillips’ Nate Hollis leaps from the comic page to his first complete prose collection. Authors Juliet Blackwell, Bobby Nash, Aaron Philip Clark, and Derrick Ferguson join Phillips to create six double barreled tales of mystery and action. The streets are mean, but they don’t hold a stick of dynamite to Hollis, P.I. From creator Gary Phillips and Pro Se Productions. “PI Nate Hollis originally sprang from the rich imagination of LA-based writer Gary Phillips, but he’s so real and tactile he could climb off the page and buy you a bourbon. Now, four other authors are getting a piece of Nate, too, and this latest collection of Nate stories is wonderful. This is contemporary noir at its best, offering all the familiar pleasures of the genre, but giving them a modern makeover. Yes, this is a violent world that Nate inhabits, but he steers a true and moral course through the layers of deception, skullduggery and sometimes worse that make these stories such high-density entertainment. Nate’s a great character and these stories do him justice and more. “T. Jefferson Parker Author of “The Famous and the Dead.”

Terror Has Many Faces. Action Comes from Many Places. Horror Rises from Many Dark Spaces… And One Man has been bringing them all to Pro Se Productions since the beginning. Kevin Rodgers. And now, from Kevin’s first works in the Genre Fiction field to his latest, you can find them all in one unbelievable short story collection- Chaos and Doom from Pro Se Productions! From the author of The Cadaver Island trilogy comes nine tales to chill, thrill, and challenge readers to go places they may never return from. Featuring short stories submitted by Kevin Rodgers since Pro Se entered the publishing field, Chaos and Doom is your guide to some of the most amazing characters and imaginative worlds in Genre Fiction.

The Pulptress—raised from birth by the world’s greatest heroes- and some of its villains as well—to be the greatest Champion for Justice and Right ever known. The Bone Queen- Once an idealistic priestess to a Death Goddess, now the depraved embodiment of Death and twisted Resurrection, walking the Earth in search of unbelievable power. These two women walk very different paths, paths that crossed explosively. But as they clash one final time, the Pulptress and the Bone Queen have something in common, the one thing that may kill them both- They thirst for vengeance! Author Andrea Judy, creator of The Bone Queen, returns to the world of The Pulptress for a third time to bring to a close one of the most hardly fought and horrific duels New Pulp has ever seen- The Pulptress Versus The Bone Queen! And in this battle, no one may get out alive.

No period in American History was as untamed, dangerous, and exciting as what we refer to as ‘The Wild West’. And no man wrote gunslingers, lawmen, and ordinary folks made extraordinary in lawless cowtowns and harsh landscapes like Charles Boeckman. And now, those heroes crafted first by Boeckman in classic Western Pulp magazines live again in new tales from Pro Se Productions. Charles Boeckman Presents The Wild West! Authors Phillip Drayer Duncan and Terry Alexander load their six guns with new stories featuring Boeckman’s distinct characters of the West. Ride along with men who make life and death choices on the turn of a hat and card, the slip of the tongue, or the wrong look. The western is a cornerstone of American fiction and Charles Boeckman’s legacy as one of its best storytellers lives on in Charles Boeckman Presents The Wild West. From Pro Se Productions.

Calasia is a nice little town if you don’t mind running into the occasional oddball, street thug, or troll. It was a pretty normal summer day when Ze’eva Blackthorne approached Theron Chase, a detective, with a problem. Someone was trying to kill her. Even worse, that someone seemed to know her deepest secret, because why else would he be using silver bullets to try and knock her off? To make matters worse, it seems that everywhere Ze’eva and Theron go while he’s investigating the case, assassins and bodies keep turning up and the local cops are more than happy to blame the growing body count on Theron. The clues all seem to point to one thing. While Ze’eva is the target, she’s not the ultimate prize. Apparently the person behind this threat is after her father, a man she’s never met, and this mastermind is pulling out all the stops. Theron soon learns there’s a new threat . . . an assassin who has the ability to assume another person or creature’s shape. So now, Theron must protect his client from anyone and everyone they meet and still try to solve the case before someone decides to end Ze’eva’s singing career—permanently. From author Richard White comes the first in a series of supernatural Private Eye adventures featuring Theron Chase. Thrill and chill to the perfect blend of mystery and monsters in The Full Moon Affair. From Pro Se Productions.

While the world’s still choked with monsters – THEIR WORK IS NEVER DONE. Tireless and dedicated, the Aces scour the globe in pursuit of the creatures that seek to terrorize humanity. For this ongoing mission, they leave no stone unturned – and no monsters alive. Whether it be in far-off wilderness, small town America, or among the concrete canyons of the big city, Cap’n, Gats, Joker, Digger, and Trill continue to risk their lives at the cost of their own identities to keep us safe from the things that go bump in the night. The Earth’s Greatest Monster Killers return in six all-new tales of terror, pure pulp action-adventures that will chill and thrill you all over again…as well as make you look twice under your bed. The Aces are challenged as never before, as they face off against not only a Murderer’s Row of horrors, but with their own motives and the lives they’ve chosen to lead. Through these stories you will see a side of the intrepid band of adventurers that you’ve never seen before. Concept creator Jim Beard welcomes David White, Nancy Hansen, Jeff McGinnis, J. Walt Layne, and Teel James Glenn to aid him in continuing the Monster Aces’ mission – destroy all monsters, or die trying. MONSTER ACES VOLUME 2. From Pro Se Productions.

A place where the tenacity and the courage of the Police force is legendary? A town where criminals know there are still good cops they should fear? A family that bleeds blue generation after generation? Welcome to Badge City. A concept created by Tommy Hancock, Badge City focuses on three generations of a family of police officers in a city so known for the strength and honesty of its law enforcement agencies, the world knows it as Badge City. And Author M. H. Norris introduces the world to not only the city, but to one member of the most respected police family in town- Deidre Gaye Brighton Tordano in the digest novel Badge City: Notches. When young girls start showing up dead in family friendly locations around the city, Detective Deidre Tordano is called to solve the case. But between similarities to her daughter and the case getting close to home, does she have what it takes to find the culprit? Badge City: Notches follows Deidre as she solves a crime full of love, loss, and unheard cries. From M. H. Norris and Pro Se Productions.

IT’S NEVER AS EASY AS IT SOUNDS … American agent Richard Monroe, still working on assignments too sensitive for the official agencies, is shocked to find the President of the United States sitting in his apartment. The First Daughter has run off to seek freedom from the constraints of being the child of the world’s most powerful man. At the president’s request, Monroe is dispatched to find the young woman, a mission that soon turns into something far deadlier than it seems on the surface. Monroe is not the only man chasing Sophie Davis across the nation and, soon, across the world. Also on her trail is a religious zealot with a sinister agenda. As more and more complications arise, the simple search for a runaway turns dangerous. Monroe uncovers a conspiracy as old as the United States and, with thousands of innocent lives at stake, plays a treacherous game against the mysterious man known as The Scorpion. The thrilling sequel to NOBODY DIES FOR FREE-UNDER THE RADAR by Aaron Smith. From Pro Se Productions.

A death rattle echoes down a shadowy alley…. Guns blaze like exploding suns in the dead of night… And make no mistake about who’s responsible…. THE DAME DID IT! Pro Se Productions presents a collection of new stories wrapped in the shadows of Noir and definitely Hard Boiled with a feminine touch. Authors Joel Jenkins, Christofer Nigro, Shannon Muir, and Percival Constantine deliver two fisted, gun shooting hard core action in these blood soaked pages, and each tale revolves around a woman. A heroine desperate to save the day, a villainess hungry to destroy, or someone trapped in the middle. All and more will be found in The Dame Did It!