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Based in Batesville, Arkansas, Pro Se Productions has become a leader on the cutting edge of New Pulp Fiction in a very short time.

Pulp Fiction, known by many names and identified as being action/adventure, fast paced, hero versus villain, over the top characters and tight, yet extravagant plots, is experiencing a resurgence like never before. And Pro Se Press, publishing New Pulp since August, 2011, is a major part of the revival, one of the reasons that New Pulp is growing by leaps and bounds!

Pro Se is the place to find Super Heroes, Explorers, Fairies, Werewolves, Men's Men, and Femme Fatales.  Specializing primarily in prose books, anthologies, and magazines, Pro Se has made a commitment to 'Put the Monthly Back into Pulp' and continues to do that successfully, producing at least one New Pulp work every month!  

Pro Se is an innovator in New Pulp, continually refining its presentation and product and working on exciting new veins of New Pulp to bring to readers and fans of all ages everywhere!

Kevin Rodgers-Author



Kevin Rodgers was born in Huntsville, Alabama on January 17, 1972.  At the age of six, he wrote a series of unpublished stories (which he called "The Ancient Tomb" series) for his parents and extended family after his mother allowed him to use her typewriter.  His family relocated to Greensboro, North Carolina in 1984, where Kevin penned longer stories.  In 1986, they moved to Orlando, Florida, which is where the author still resides today.  Kevin graduated from Winter Park High School in Winter Park, FL in 1990.  He obtained an Associate in Arts degree from Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida in 1994.  Kevin enjoys reading fiction in the fantasy, science-fiction, and horror genres.

Kevin's first series "The Ancient Tomb", written when he was six years old, was a serial, each installment of ending with a cliff-hanger that was resolved in the next story.  Several characters from "The Ancient Tomb", such as George and Kristina Harrington, appear in his debut novel, CADAVER ISLAND and its upcoming sequels. Throughout his childhood and adolescence, Kevin wrote more unpublished manuscripts:  a horror novel called MORBID CURIOSITY (completed in 1999), which he is currently rewriting; an unpublished story called "The Scorpion's Tail" (completed in 1990), which was rewritten and revised to become a published story called "Stargazers"; and a long, unpublished novel called THE RIP IN TIME (completed in 1993), which served as the foundation and inspiration for the CADAVER ISLAND trilogy.  

Kevin became a published writer in October 2010 when Pro Se Press published his first short story, "Hellhound", in FANTASY AND FEAR 2.  His next story, "Demolition", appeared in PECULIAR ADVENTURES 3 from Pro Se Press in December 2010.  Shortly thereafter, a tale of horror and science-fiction, "Citadel of the New Moon", was published in FANTASY AND FEAR 3 in January 2011.  Pro Se Press published five more of his stories in their award-winning magazine, Pro Se Presents, in 2011 and 2012: "Stargazers", "Paranoia", "Energy Siphon", "Tomahawk Mountain", and "Claustrophobia". In March 2013, Pro Se Press published Kevin's first novel, CADAVER ISLAND.  CADAVER ISLAND is the first installment of a trilogy.


Kevin's writing is influenced by several writers and television shows.  As a child, he watched re-runs of a Gothic soap opera called "Dark Shadows", which sparked his desire to become a writer in the horror and fantasy genres.  This desire was reinforced when he watched Tobe Hooper's made-for-TV miniseries, "Salem's Lot", which was based on a novel by Stephen King.  Other television shows, such as "Twin Peaks" and "The X-Files", also impacted Kevin's creativity.  Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Michael Crichton, and Justin Cronin are the authors who have inspired Kevin to write novels and short stories.

Kevin is a writer because he enjoys telling stories.  He wants to share his imagination with people and hopefully entertain them in the process.  Kevin feels like he has achieved his ultimate goal if he has created a story or a novel that a reader enjoyed immensely.  Kevin would love to see one of his stories or novels converted into a movie someday.

Kevin is working on several writing projects at the moment. He is currently constructing a short story collection for Pro Se Press, which will be called CHAOS AND DOOM.  The collection will include several of Kevin's previously published stories, such as "Hellhound", "Citadel of the New Moon", and "Demolition". He has also submitted three new stories, "Slaughtership", "Bone Crusher", and "The Elgin Curse", to Pro Se for both magazines and anthologies.  His horror story, "Evicted Tenants", was accepted for publication by James Ward Kirk Publishing for their upcoming anthology, "Serial Killer Tres Tria".  Kevin is currently working on three more stories: a zombie tale called "Jars"; a follow-up to a previously published story, "Stargazers", which will be called "Stargazers at the Carnival"; and a supernatural mystery tale called "The Weeping Lady".  Kevin completed the second novel of my CADAVER ISLAND trilogy, THE MASK OF BEELZEBUB, in September 2012, which should be released in early 2014.  He is writing the final installment of the trilogy, which will be called THE PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION.  Kevin is also working on a novel called THE EMPEROR OF NIBIRU, which is based on "Citadel of the New Moon".

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Click the Cover to buy! 

Click the Cover to buy! 

It's always the right time for Horror and Monsters...which means...PRO SE PRESENTS FANTASY AND FEAR #2 is AVAILABLE!!!  Vampires, wolves, cults, and other fears and phobias come to life in this month's offering from Pro Se!  Once again mingling well known authors with new writers to the field, PRO SE PRESENTS FANTASY AND FEAR #2 takes pulp to a terrifying new level!

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Click the Cover to buy!

Ready to escape to far away lands and fight dragons?? Want a good chilling horror tale to relieve some stress? Or just need a good ol' fashion fright or thrill? Then PRO SE PRESENTS FANTASY AND FEAR #3 is the magazine for you! Thrill to stories from Aaron Smith, Nancy Hansen, Lee Houston, Jr., James Palmer and others! Action comes fast and hard with another SOVEREIGN CITY tale from Derrick Ferguson! And noted pulp author Joshua Reynolds begins a new Monster Hunter series IN THIS ISSUE! Want to be afraid? Want to be adventurous? Then you want to pick up PRO SE PRESENTS FANTASY AND FEAR # 3 today!!

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Click the Cover to buy!

Ready for Adventure? Like it Peculiar?  Then PRO SE PRESENTS PECULIAR ADVENTURES #3 from Pro Se Press is for you!  This issue sports a painted cover by pulp artist David Burton and spotlights SOVEREIGN CITY, Pro Se's very own pulp universe!  Join Doc Daye and Lazarus Gray for over the top action and adventure!  Also along for the ride are monkeys from the future, pirates from the past, The Cerebus Clan, Wylde World, and so many others. Pro Se's Best Selling Title brings even more this time around, including the first part of a Peculiar Oddfellow Novel!!  Get your copy of PRO SE PRESENTS PECULIAR ADVENTURES 3 today!

Thrill to the Variety that is Pulp in the latest monthly offering from Pro Se Press! PRO SE PRESENTS #4 features a tale of vengeance from Andrew Salmon, a horror tale of invasion by Kevin Rodgers, a story of fantasy and virtue penned by Nancy Hansen, and a battle between good and evil Japan style by C .W. Russette! Action, Angst, Adventure, All brought to you in PRO SE PRESENTS #4! With Fantastic Art provided by Sean Ali! Pro Se Press-PUTTIN' THE MONTHLY BACK IN PULP!

Puttin' The Monthly Back into Pulp with Sci-Fi, Mystery, and Good ol' Masked Vigilante Action, PRO SE PRESENT #8 hits the streets, adventure blasting from both barrels! Van Allen Plexico's exclusive epic novella 'Hand Of The Machine', featuring HAWK, his latest creation, concludes ! Kevin Rodgers takes us into the terrifying state of mind...or reality....known as 'Paranoia' and New Pulp's Best New Writer of the Year Chuck Miller shares another tale of his wild and wacky hero, The Black Centipede, starring in 'Funeral for a Fiend!' With mind blowing art work provided by Sean Ali and Rowell Roque, PRO SE PRESENTS #8 is almost too much Pulp to handle!

Pro Se, Puttin' The Monthly Back Into Pulp, continues doing that with the latest issue of its award winning magazine, PRO SE PRESENTS #11! Featuring the first in a new series of mystery tales from Nancy Hansen and a story of bloody, violent suspense from Kevin Rodgers, PRO SE PRESENTS #11 is a two fisted pulpy punch of action and adventure from Pro Se Productions!

Keeping its promise of 'Puttin' The Montly Back Into Pulp', Pro Se Presents finishes out its first year with two fisted action, strange mystery, science fiction terror, and the return of a classic New Pulp Character! Ron Fortier's Brother Bones leads off this month's issue in a brand new story entitled 'The Butcher From Bavaria!' Kevin Rodgers introduces readers to the mystery and horror of 'Energy Siphon' and Don Thomas rounds out the issue with the introduction of Nathaniel Dante, a stranger who visited 'The Town That Demanded Recompense'! Featuring Art, Design, and Formatting By Sean Ali, PRO SE PRESENTS TWELVE is the crowning achievement on the magazine's first year! Pro Se Presents- Puttin' The Monthly Back Into Pulp!

Fear and Fantasy reign in PRO SE PRESENTS #14! First, an exclusive excerpt of James Palmer's Occult Mystery novel- SLOW DJINN! Then Kevin Rodgers explores what fear really means in CLAUSTROPHOBIA! Finally, Pro Se introduces the world to Kristy Zebell and her debut tale WARMTH OF THE ICY SOUL! Guns, Terror, Swords, and more in this month's PRO SE PRESENTS from PRO SE PRODUCTIONS- Puttin' The Monthly Back into Pulp!

Pro Se Productions Proudly Presents CADAVER ISLAND, the debut novel from Author Kevin Rodgers! In the year 2212, long after the world has been reshaped by seismic cataclysms and polar shifts, Princess Angelique Bosc recovers from a terrible Hovercraft accident, which left her injured and near death. Her friend and physician, Dr. Laurent Stine, used his skills as a robotics engineer to replace her damaged organs with android components. Angelique realizes that her mechanical heart will require a fresh battery pack within 48 hours. However, a loathed and exiled warlock, Xavier Thames, steals all of the battery packs and transports them to his castle, Thames Keep, in order to build a time machine. Angelique, Dr. Stine, and their allies are forced to embark on a long, perilous journey to Thames Keep located on Cadaver Island. Can they reach Thames Keep and replace Angelique's battery pack before she goes into cardiac arrest? Cadaver Island is the first installment of a trilogy by Author Kevin Rodgers, who introduces readers to a fractured, ruined world where forgotten, legendary creatures live and thrive in towering mountains, magical forests, and barren deserts. Angelique Bosc and her allies will traverse harsh, nightmarish landscapes to discover the secrets of the past, stabilize events in the present day, and unlock the mysteries of the future. Featuring stunning artwork by Adrianne Soares of Fitztown and mindblowing design and format by Sean Ali and ebook formatting by Russ Anderson, Cadaver Island is a mind blowing futuristic horror thriller guaranteed to chill and amaze! From Pro Se Productions, a leader in Genre and New Pulp Fiction!

Pro Se Presents, the multiple award winning magazine, debuts in its larger quarterly format with PRO SE PRESENTS #19!  Featuring a new BROTHER BONES tale from New Pulp Veteran Author Ron Fortier, this action packed issue also includes stories from Kevin Rodgers, Jilly Paddock, Charis Taylor, and Ron Capshaw! Aaron Smith's hockey star turned detective Marcel Picard makes his return in PSP 19 alongside the magazine debut of Ralph L. Angelo, Jr.'s Torahg the Warrior (Recently debuting in his own novel from Pro Se)!  The magazine also includes its share of mystery with the second adventure of Joan the Dog Detective by A. M. Paulson and an intriguing essay from Robert Kingett entitled THE DEATH OF SHERLOCK HOLMES- A DATED UPRISING!  Wrapped in an eerily excellent Brother Bones cover by Rob Davis, Pro Se Presents #19 has enough mystery, fantasy, horror, and more to keep any Pulp fan happy!   

In the year 2212, long after the world was reshaped by seismic cataclysms and polar shifts, Dr. Laurent Stine guides Angelique Bosc and Alexander Blanton into the inner sanctum of a fortress named Thames Keep, which is located on Cadaver Island. Their journey to acquire a battery pack for Angelique’s mechanical heart reaches its final seconds while they are forced to overcome menacing creatures and dangerous obstacles in the fortress’ maze-like interior. Unknown to Dr. Stine, his lover, Persephone, faces her own dilemma: she is abducted from her jail cell, which is located in the village of Kamakura, by a monstrous hellhound named Barghest. Can Dr. Stine defeat his arch-nemesis, Sir Xavier Thames, and obtain a charged battery pack before Angelique’s heart runs out of energy? Will Persephone enter the Stone Throat of the Underworld and succumb to the malevolent will of Beelzebub? New allies, such as King Reginald Bosc and a skilled warrior named Amaya, will escort Dr. Stine into the Underworld to locate Persephone and remove a cursed mask from her face before her soul is lost forever. 

THE MASK OF BEELZEBUB is the second installment of a trilogy by author Kevin Rodgers, which expands a post-apocalyptic world where powerful demons, prehistoric beasts, and enormous insects thrive in fiery chasms, subterranean gardens, and giant hives. Dr. Laurent Stine and his allies will explore the depths of the Underworld to defeat the temptations of sin, overcome their inner demons, and resist the will of Corruption!

 MASK OF BEELZEBUB by Kevin Rodgers from Pro Se Productions!

Like Bullets from a Tommy Gun, Pro Se Productions delivers Pulp like no one else in Rat-A-Tat: Short Blasts of Pulp! Today’s best Genre Fiction authors pull their fedoras down tight, charge their laser blasters, and barrel full speed ahead into Rat-A-Tat. This two fisted collection features short short fiction designed to illicit the same emotions, the same edge of the seat thrill, the same action and adventure as classic Pulp stories and New Pulp novels. Thrill to Pulp delivered in quick, sharp blasts from a rogues’ gallery of authors! Rat-A-Tat: Short Blasts of Pulp from Pro Se Productions.

Terror Has Many Faces. Action Comes from Many Places. Horror Rises from Many Dark Spaces… And One Man has been bringing them all to Pro Se Productions since the beginning. Kevin Rodgers. And now, from Kevin’s first works in the Genre Fiction field to his latest, you can find them all in one unbelievable short story collection- Chaos and Doom from Pro Se Productions! From the author of The Cadaver Island trilogy comes nine tales to chill, thrill, and challenge readers to go places they may never return from. Featuring short stories submitted by Kevin Rodgers since Pro Se entered the publishing field, Chaos and Doom is your guide to some of the most amazing characters and imaginative worlds in Genre Fiction.