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Based in Batesville, Arkansas, Pro Se Productions has become a leader on the cutting edge of New Pulp Fiction in a very short time.

Pulp Fiction, known by many names and identified as being action/adventure, fast paced, hero versus villain, over the top characters and tight, yet extravagant plots, is experiencing a resurgence like never before. And Pro Se Press, publishing New Pulp since August, 2011, is a major part of the revival, one of the reasons that New Pulp is growing by leaps and bounds!

Pro Se is the place to find Super Heroes, Explorers, Fairies, Werewolves, Men's Men, and Femme Fatales.  Specializing primarily in prose books, anthologies, and magazines, Pro Se has made a commitment to 'Put the Monthly Back into Pulp' and continues to do that successfully, producing at least one New Pulp work every month!  

Pro Se is an innovator in New Pulp, continually refining its presentation and product and working on exciting new veins of New Pulp to bring to readers and fans of all ages everywhere!

Writers Wanted!


Always continually striving to provide more of the best in Genre Fiction and New Pulp for you, Pro Se Productions has a continual list of anthologies and imprints that are open to writers to submit to.  We like to call it The Pro Se Open.  If you're a writer interested in the possibility of writing for Pro Se, bookmark this page and check it regularly to see if projects are still available and to keep up with all the new concepts open for submission from Pro Se Productions.

How You can submit to a Pro Se Open project is as follows-

1. An upcoming Collection or Imprint with openings is listed in the Pro Se Open. 

2. Submissions are accepted following a 2-3 paragraph proposal for the story and at least a four page writing sample if you are a new writer submitting to Pro Se, unless the specific call states otherwise. Proposals should be mailed to

3. Submissions will be reviewed and those writers whose proposals are accepted will have 90 days from date of acceptance to complete their story  Anthologies will remain open, however, until the Publisher determines enough stories are collected to go forward for publication.

4. Submissions to the book will be closed when all open slots in the listed work are filled. Editing will not begin until that occurs. Contracts will not be issued until the book is full, as royalties are determined in most collections by how many authors are in the anthology.

5. All projects, unless otherwise stated are royalty pay projects.  An amount is set aside for each anthology that will be divided amongst the accepted writers for each project. Royalty rates will normally range from 5% to 15%. Royalties are paid on every dollar made by Pro Se Productions, payment is not restricted until production costs are covered.  Pro Se Productions pays semi annually currently, in January and July, and sends payments when royalties for a particular author have reached a ceiling amount or exceeded that amount.

6. Editors assigned to these projects will follow up, monitor, and make sure work is being done. Steps will be taken to move the anthology along as planned if work is not being done in a timely manner.  

The Pro Se Open will be updated periodically as to adding new collections and removing ones that have been filled. Some of the collections have story bibles to go with them and are listed so. Email to request bibles when appropriate.






Pro Se Productions opens a call for proposals for an anthology in its PULP OBSCURA imprint, THE MIRACLES OF MISTER ALADDIN, based on a short lived radio program starring Paul Frees, known for his voice work with Disney and other companies.

The program, with at least some episodes written by Dick Powell, was presented as a mystery program, but definitely one that potentially put this one in the ‘weird detective’ category. As the show’s opening states-

“Once upon a time, the year being 1951, a young man walked down the streets of an island, the island called Manhattan, and if some of the feats he performed have the feeling of magic, is that surprising? His name was Aladdin. Mr. Aladdin.”

MISTER ALADDIN only aired for about two months as a summer replacement in 1951. Only one episode exists and authors interested in proposing ideas for this anthology may find the episode online or request it from Stories in this volume must be based on the character as portrayed in this episode. Stories can also feature Sam, the bartender at the Taj Mahal, Aladdin’s regular bar, and Jeannie Mobley, his secretary. As best can be determined, each episode was titled ‘The Miracle of…’something, alluding to Mister Aladdin’s almost, or maybe totally magical way of solving problems and crimes. Each story should follow the same pattern. 

Stories must be 8,000-10,000 words in length. The stories may range from light and fun mysteries to harder boiled, more complicated mysteries. Writers can put Mister Aladdin in impossible situations or give him unsolvable puzzles and he will always pull them off in some fashion, but writers CANNOT allude to his abilities being magic or show him casting spells or doing anything magic like. Characters may joke or point it out and Aladdin may seem evasive or uncomfortable, but the idea of whether or not he is magical somehow must not be revealed or heavily explored. Having said this, the situations and puzzles he confronts can very well be mystical or supernatural to a degree, but in the end, the solutions do not need to involve Aladdin using magic of any sort, but rather his own unique skills and thinking processes to solve such situations. This is, in all essence, a mystery concept with a quirky twist.


Even though Robert Louis Stevenson was not a writer for Pulp magazines, many see his work, particularly the classic TREASURE ISLAND, as fitting squarely in with the style of Pulp Fiction. Pro Se takes that concept one step further and opens calls for an anthology spotlighting life after Jim Hawkins for one of literature’s most loved scoundrels in THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF LONG JOHN SILVER.

The only basis for Silver for stories in this anthology must be TREASURE ISLAND, as written by Stevenson. Supporting characters that survive in the book are open for use as well, except Jim Hawkins. Stories in this volume must occur after the events in TREASURE ISLAND and may only deal with the supernatural or extraordinary in the ways that the novel itself did.

Stories must be 8,000-10,000 words in length. Proposals should be 1-3 paragraphs and sent to 


The heyday of Pulp Magazines saw the creation of many types of characters, but none perhaps was more wild than a character considered by many to be the first actual super hero. Pro Se Productions announces an open submissions call for stories featuring Olga Mesmer, THE GIRL WITH THE X-RAY EYES, as a part of its PULP OBSCURA imprint.

Appearing as a page long comic strip in SPICY MYSTERIES, Olga is a character that could definitely be responsible for many trends that continued on into comic books after she debuted. Born of an alien mother who ruled an underground kingdom before she was experimented on by Olga’s mad scientist father, Olga gained astonishing powers when she came of age. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For a strip that ran just barely a year (August 1937 to October 1938), Olga explored not only super heroics and space travel, but also introduced an extremely sensual character as a lead and didn’t shy away from racy or controversial innuendo. 

Nearly none of the actual strips in which Olga appeared in are online, but several sites have information regarding her story, including and Stories for this collection should be set after Olga’s journey to Venus and her return to Earth, unmarried.

Stories must be 8,000-10,000 words in length. 


Pro Se Productions, a company known for breathing new life into long forgotten creations, announces a submissions call for an anthology featuring an obscure detective character first debuting in 1912. Proposals are now being accepted for THE ADVENTURES OF ASTRO, MASTER OF MYSTERIES’, an anthology in Pro Se’s PULP OBSCURA imprint.

Astro, originally appearing in 1912, is a character created by Gelett Burgess making his living traveling the world as a psychic. Actually just a master of observation, Astro, with the help of the lovely Valeska Wynne, gathers information to make his honed abilities to seem extrasensory. Along the way, Astro finds himself assisting in solving mysteries of all types, proving formidable both as a con artist and a crime solver. The original book featuring Astro is available at…/burgessgother08The_Master_of_Mysteri… or can be requested by emailing

Stories must be 8,000-10,000 words in length. 

Stories may be set in any period from 1912-1950. Assumed in his mid 20s in the original novel, Astro may be written up until he is in his late 50s, but regardless of age, his role as phony medium and detective must be the same.


Pro Se Productions’ PULP OBSCURA imprint, originally focused solely on reviving forgotten classic Pulp characters, will in the future feature characters considered to be in the public domain from other venues and transform them into genre fiction prose heroes and villains. One such character is the best known female private detective from the Golden Age of Radio, San Francisco’s own Candy Matson. An anthology of new adventures of Candy is now open for submission.

Candy Matson ran from 1949 to 1951 and focused on the adventures of Matson, licensed Private Investigator, and her mysteries which led her to crossing paths with Lieutenant Ray Mallard, her long suffereing love interest. Candy was assisted by the ever flamboyant Rembrandt Watson. The show’s final episode (although an attempt to restart it in 1952 with an audition show was made and failed) had Mallard and Candy agreeing to get married and Mallard promoted to Captain.

Stories must be 8,000-10,000 words in length. They can be set either in the 1949-1951 range of the original show OR from 1952-1955, with Candy and Mallard married. Only 15 episodes of the show exist and all are available online.


 Pro Se Productions opens submissions for an anthology featuring a masked heroine from Nedor Comics. Proposals are now being accepted for THE WOMAN IN RED anthology.

THE WOMAN IN RED is in actuality Peggy Allen, a police officer who feels she can do more in the fight against crime from behind a mask and therefore takes on a costumed identity. The character appeared initially in 70 plus issues published by Nedor Comics. It is this version that Pro Se seeks to include in this anthology. Several, if not all of the comic appearances of THE WOMAN IN RED are available on line. Information is available at

Stories must be 8,000-10,000 words in length.


Known for resurrecting forgotten concepts from the past, Pro Se Productions does so once again, opening submissions for an anthology based on an audition for a program from radio’s golden age that likely never aired. Featuring a star studded cast for radio, THREE FOR ADVENTURE is a concept meant to be a grand action packed adventure. Pro Se Productions is now accepting proposals for an anthology based on this deserving, never realized concept. 

Jack Webb and Eliot Lewis. Barton Yarborough and Hy Averback. These four names alone make THREE FOR ADVENTURE an enigma. Some of the strongest actors to ever step up to a mike with a show concept that, if it has any faults, was far beyond its time, and yet this show never got past an audition. Lewis, Webb, and Yarborough cast as three adventurers working for a group that sends them around the world would be enough by themselves to make this a good show. Add in that the characters they portray are very nuanced, not cardboard cut outs, but living and breathing heroes brought to amazing life in under 25 minutes, and then mix in the voice work of Averback and the other supporting cast. THREE FOR ADVENTURE deserves to be a well remembered, long running program. 

In THREE FOR ADVENTURE, Elliot Lewis plays McCullough Jonathan Cornell, ‘Mac’. Jack Webb portrays Duke Collida while Barton Yarborough brings Jex Waco to life.

Authors interested in proposing a story for THREE FOR ADVENTURE can download the audition program here- for research purposes. Proposals must follow the structure of the program and utilize all three lead characters in the storytelling process. Each character has aspects introduced in the audition program that should be worked into the proposals. If authors feel the need to expand upon things introduced in the radio program. Pro Se Editors will monitor and manage continuity to make sure all stories fall into the canon established by the audition program.

Stories must be 8,000-10,000 words in length.


In 2011, Pro Se Editor in Chief Tommy Hancock created a character to serve in a sense as a mascot for Pro Se Productions and as a representation of New Pulp. Dubbed The Pulptress, the heroine has since appeared in two anthologies of her own as well as a trilogy of digest novels by author Andrea Judy. Pro Se announces an open call for a third anthology featuring the daughter of two Pulp heroes *always unidentified* raised in the mountains of Arkansas by retired and active Pulp heroes and reformed villains. And for the first time, this anthology will be themed.

THE PULPTRESS VOLUME THREE: POSSIBILITIES will feature stories by different authors writing alternative versions of the main character. Stories may be set in a different time period reimagining The Pulptress in a different era or may be written as ‘What if’ type tales, what might have happened if things had happened a different way at some point in her life. Casting the character in a futuristic space opera or as the daughter of a Russian czar and nearly any tale in between is possible. The anthology will be book ended by pieces written by Hancock that will have The Pulptress confronting a dangerous foe that she cannot shoot or beat with her own fists-her own mind out of control.

Stories must be 8,000-10,000 words in length and feature a version of The Pulptress as the lead. Authors unfamiliar with The Pulptress should send a request to for all the previous works featuring the character to be sent to them.


Pro Se Productions announces a submissions call for an anthology giving the Good Ol’ U S of A new heroes to stand for what’s right and good in America. Proposals are now being accepted for RED, WHITE AND HERO!

The stories for this anthology must focus on a lead character created by the author considered a hero whose motif, powers, background, and/or abilities are based on/related to The United States of America. This character can be what would be considered a super hero with powers, or more of a street level Pulp type hero, but this anthology is for stories featuring masks, secret identities, and larger than life exploits. 

Although stories like this can and should be used, if authors choose, to make political statements, no submissions will be accepted which attack ANY actual person or which contain thinly veiled replacements for actual people. Pro Se is seeking authors for this collection that can make their views known without attacking existing individuals.

Stories must be 5,000-8,000 words in length.



Known for its unique anthologies, Pro Se Productions ups its game as a cutting edge genre fiction publisher with its latest submissions call. Based on a concept created by Pro Se’s Editor in Chief, Tommy Hancock, proposals are now being accepted for ‘MATAGORDIA’S MYTHICAL MENAGERIE VOLUME ONE.’

The world is not simply a blue and brown ball called Earth. It is a wondrous mix of magic, mystery, and madness. And from this tangle of wonder and wild come beasts, beings, and monsters thought to be fantasy…or fears alone. Yet, the truth is that humans and the animals we know to exist are not alone, never have been. And those things, those living things that belong to legend and nightmare, to dream and story…they need a place to be as well. A way to live, many of them the last of their kind. And someone to take care of them.

Matagordia is a person that has what some would call a circus, a freak show, a traveling extravaganza…it all sort of depends on which time period the story is set in. Be it a circus tent in the middle of a Midwestern field in the 19th Century or a small auditorium that somehow suddenly appears in Chicago in the 1930s…or any other such thing…Matagordia’s Mythical Menagerie is a place where not only can regular folks see creatures they thought to be made up…but those very beasts aren’t on display as much as they live in a world all their own, one that is more than tent flaps or doors. Where outsiders see a warehouse actually may exist entire landscapes…and then there’s Matagordia him…or herself.

Stories for this anthology must be set in between the years 1800 to the present day. Writers interested in submitting proposals must request the bible for the concept by emailing Stories will focus either on Matagordia’s work/hunt/rescue of creatures considered mythical from multiple beliefs, stories, and cryptozology or on adventures that take place within Matagordia’s unique mobile world. A list of creatures will be available and listed in the concept bible. No submissions will be considered for this anthology without the writer having reviewed the bible.

Stories must be 8-10,000 words in length.


Pro Se Productions and AC Comics/Nightveil Media have joined forces to bring AC’s classic lineup of characters to the prose pages of New Pulp Fiction. That cannot be done without including one of AC’s most imaginative and strongest characters. Pro Se Productions is now taking submissions for short stories in an anthology featuring Bill Black’s creation- PARAGON!

Paragon is not just the requisite guy in tights and a cape that every comic company seems to have. No, Bill Black made sure Charlie Starrett stood out in many ways, including essentially giving him three separate identities, or phases of existence. With Paragon, stories can actually be told of his time as the western hero, The Latigo Kid or as the Golden Age hero Captain Paragon, or even as simply Paragon, a darker version of the hero as seen in DARK APOCALYPSE. This diverse history of the character makes him ideal for an anthology focused on any and all of his various phases.

Stories for PARAGON must be 8-10,000 words in length. Each story must focus on ONE period of Paragon’s life-The Latigo Kid, Captain Paragon, or Paragon. Supporting characters from the AC Universe can be used in the stories, pending approval of proposals. A bible will be available for this call by emailing



Two of the most popular genres both currently and historically come together as Pro Se Productions announces an open call for submissions to a new anthology- LOVE ON THE RUN. 

Everyone enjoys a good love story, or so it seems. It also appears readers are huge fans of crime stories, liberal doses of noir mixed in with sinful acts and a dash of always being one step outside of jail. LOVE ON THE RUN takes both of those concepts and tangles them together for what will be a marriage made in mayhem.

Stories for LOVE ON THE RUN must feature a romance at their core, a romance featuring two people who are considered criminals by their actions. These tales can be about fugitives from the law, a crime being committed, the consequences of two or more such people falling in love, or any variation on the theme, but romance and crime must both be integral parts of stories in the anthology. Also, although the stories can be set in any time period from the present day back, these must be realistic tales, not paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, or ‘weird’ fiction.

Stories must be 5-8,000 words in length.


Known for reaching into the past for ideas for stories for the future, Pro Se Productions seeks to revive a near forgotten genre in its latest anthology. Submissions are now open for ROGUE LIT.

A popular genre particularly in the 16th and 17th Centuries, Rogue Literature refers to stories about criminals living in the shadows of society. Not murderers or those seeking to destroy body and blood, but these types of stories focused on the colorful, yet often dark personalities of people making their way through life by picking pockets, flim flaming innocents, or relieving others of their wealth and dignity while leaving them alive. Popularized by authors such as Thomas Dekker and Charles Dickens, Rogue Literature has never really gone away, it has simply been absorbed into the Crime genre. 

With ROGUE LIT, Pro Se seeks to return the spotlight to this exciting, often dangerous genre of tales with a modern twist. Writers are encouraged to set tales in the time period of their choosing that have as their protagonists men and women who make crime their profession and grow from the seedier side of life. Action and adventure are both welcome and, as usual, Pro Se will be looking for stories with a fast paced plot and larger than life characters, all about the shadiest souls of society.

Stories for ROGUE LIT must feature usually non violent criminals of some sort. No murderers, rapists, or other violent offenders, but instead thieves, frauds, grifters, and schemers. It is not necessary that the lead character be heroic or even the hero, but it is also allowed to do just that with the leads. And be aware, these should be stories full of danger and action and even death, if the story dictates it. The lead characters simply can’t be violent by nature, they must simply be rogues.

Stories must be 8-10,000 words in length.


In December, 2017, Pro Se Productions announced a call for the first anthology in a new series. Now, the cutting edge Publisher opens up for submissions for the second collection in the innovative series-THE PEERLESS: HANNAH BRADE, MAID OF MYSTERY.’

THE PEERLESS refers to characters that will be featured as leads in various anthologies, all set in the same universe. The concept basically takes actual historical figures that were unique or extraordinary in some way and posits that they had adventures beyond what they are known for in history. One of the unique aspects of this idea is that the characters will not usually be the typical suspects for such a project. They won’t be well known, even with their oddity or bizarre history, but through this series, Pro Se hopes to make them the next group of heroes…and villains that fans clamor for.

HANNAH BRADE, MAID OF MYSTERY is a collection of stories focusing on the further adventures of a woman who left a singular strange mark on history. In March, 1830, Hannah Brade applied for a job as a maid for an English widow and her two children in Liverpool. Seemingly simple and shabby at first, over two years, Hannah proved to be much more than expected. Showing talents in music, medicine, art, mastery of several languages, and more. Hannah also became nervous each time someone visited the home. At the end of two years, Hannah left the home without warning. Two months after this, the family received a package of expensive gifts from Hannah, but never heard from her again.

Stories for THE PEERLESS: HANNAH BRADE, MAID OF MYSTERY will focus on Hannah’s adventures following her time a maid. Stories must be 8-10,000 words in length.


One of Heroic Publishing’s most creative characters, first appearing in the pages of FLARE, now makes the transition to Genre Fiction prose. Pro Se Productions, in conjunction with Heroic Publishing, announces an open submissions call for stories featuring Santa’s elfin granddaughter in THE ADVENTURES OF CHRISSIE CLAUS!

Chrissie is the best of two worlds. Not only do readers get fantastic, action packed, and even at times funny tales featuring an awesome super heroine, but authors get to tell Christmas Stories! Having a character that is so woven into both the sheer insanity of comic books AND Christmas mythology means that writers will have an opportunity to explore all sorts of avenues for stories that most comic book types can’t conceivably travel.

Stories for THE ADVENTURES OF CHRISSIE CLAUS must be 8-10,000 words in length.  Although a working knowledge of the characters is best before proposing, information about Chrissie and her world is available upon request by emailing


In 1985, AC Comics, founded by Bill Black, made history by forming a team like no other in comics then or since. The Federal Emergency Missions Force, popularly known as Femforce, was the first team made up of super heroines and for thirty plus years, characters like Ms. Victory, She-Cat, Nightveil and others have fought evil and stood for justice in comic books. And now, Pro Se Productions, through a licensing relationship with AC Comics and Nightveil Media, opens a call for the first anthology to feature prose adventures of the most powerful women ever drawn. FEMFORCE CLOSE UP VOLUME ONE is now open for submissions. 

FEMFORCE CLOSE UP will focus on stand alone stories, each one featuring a Femforce member on her own.Stories for FEMFORCE CLOSE UP can be set in any period the heroines on the team were active, according to their comic history. Each story must feature only ONE of the following team members as the lead character-Ms. Victory, Nightveil, Stardust, She-Cat, Synn, Tara, Rio Rita, Garganta, The Blue Bulleteer. No other members from this list may appear in the story, but other heroes or villains from AC Comics can be used.

Stories for FEMFORCE CLOSE UP must be 8-10,000 words in length.

write to the cover volume three


Known for being an innovative Genre Fiction Publisher, Pro Se Productions opens submissions for stories in a series unique to the publishing house-WRITE TO THE COVER VOLUME THREE.

“Every once in a while,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, “we end up with an image suitable to be a cover that doesn’t really have stories to go with it…yet. To remedy this situation, Pro Se started the WRITE TO THE COVER imprint a few years ago to make sure that covers deserving of tales get them and make their way into readers’ hands. The image for the third volume is one that, while on the surface seems to point one direction or another, can definitely inspire and challenge writers to do something different with what their eyes see. Those are the kind of stories we look for this series particularly.”

The cover image that writers are to build proposals around is a work completed by artist Michael Hegedus. Stories can be of ANY Genre, but MUST involve enough aspects of the image shown that it could serve as a cover for said story.

Stories for WRITE TO THE COVER VOLUME THREE must be 8-10,000 words in length.


First appearing in the pages of Pro Se Press’s break-through anthology, BLACK PULP and expanded on in other works by D. Alan Lewis, the fictional city of Port Victoria is a dark, crime-ridden metropolis, yet it also is home to the only superheroes to exist outside of the comics.

In the early years of the 20th Century, three college students volunteered for a secret government experiment which imbued them with unique abilities, including increased speed, dexterity, and strength. As the years passed, their abilities were passed on to their children and grandchildren, who took up wearing masks and capes to battle crime. 

TALES FROM PORT VICTORIA will be a collection of 6 stories edited by the city’s creator, D. Alan Lewis, taking place anytime during the 20th and early 21st Century. Authors are encouraged to use characters presented in Pro Se’s THE BISHOP OF PORT VICTORIA, who are listed below by name and years they operated as heroes. A bible for the anthology is available for more in-depth information on characters, villains, and the city.

Lady Victoria (1908 to 1922) (Also part of the Justice Trinity)

Silver Shark (1908 to 1912) (Also part of the Justice Trinity)

Thunder Jack (1908 to 1912) (Also part of the Justice Trinity)

Stephanie Murray – unnamed hero (1933 – 1940) 

Dexter ‘Black’ Wolfe (1920 – 1944) This character has already 

been spoken for, but can be used as a background character.

Stephanie Murry – unnamed hero (1933-1945)

Dexter Wolfe Jr. – unnamed hero (1960 – 1973)

Vicky Justice (1950-1952) (Also part of brother-sister team – The Justice Twins)

Sargent Victory (1950 – 1954) (Also part of brother-sister team – The Justice Twins)

Angelina Wolfe aka Lady Vic (1990 – present day)

If the author is using a new character, your story must contain information about the heroes’ origin and explanation of their abilities. 

Stories for TALES FROM PORT VICTORIA must be set in the 20th or early 21st Centuries, and correspond with the years that existing heroes worked. Any elements of any genre will be considered appropriate in submissions and left to the discretion of Pro Se Productions and D. Alan Lewis to allow. This means that the supernatural, monsters, aspects of science fiction and fantasy, and so forth are allowed and encouraged to be included in submissions. As with THE BISHOP OF PORT VICTORIA, the stories can be (but don’t have to be) very dark in nature but some measure of restraint is asked for when using sex and violence. Authors are asked to use offensive or derogatory language only in very moderate amounts, if at all. 

Stories for TALES FROM PORT VICTORIA must be 10,000 words in length.


reese unlimited's 'three to fight'

Award winning Author Barry Reese has been a mainstay in New Pulp and Genre Fiction for years. Of his many creations, three stand out as notable characters in New Pulp-The Peregrine, Gravedigger, and Lazarus Gray. These three characters are the tent pole around which Reese Unlimited, Pro Se’s first Author imprint, was built and now, for the first time ever Reese and Pro Se announce an open call like no other. Submissions are now open for THREE TO FIGHT, an anthology that will, for the first time, feature stories written by other writers starring Reese’s three most popular and best known creations.

The specific concept for this anthology came from an image by Mark Propst. Two types of stories will be accepted for this anthology. The first type of story accepted for THREE TO FIGHT must feature TWO of the three characters-The Peregrine, Lazarus Gray, and/or Gravedigger. No story will only feature one and no story will feature all three. Another type of story that can appear in this volume can be stories featuring any TWO teams/supporting casts of the characters mentioned above, even if the characters themselves do not appear. Whole teams do not have to appear in these stories, but, as per the other type of story accepted, only TWO supporting casts/teams may team up, not all three.

Stories for THREE TO FIGHT series must be 8-10,000 words in length. Those interested in submitting a proposal should contact to request the Reese Unlimited Timeline.

horror american style

Pro Se Productions announces an open call for an ambitious anthology line, one that, if successful, will number 50 titles when complete. Beginning in 2018, horror themed anthologies based in each state of the United States of America will be published under the Pro Se imprint AMERICAN HORROR STYLE.

This is a project that other publishers and writers have taken on in the past to varying degrees of success. AMERICAN HORROR STYLE will focus on tales to chill and terrify, each volume focusing on an individual state. The stories that make it between the covers of these collections must be horror themed and set in real locations within the state covered by the collection. Preference will be given to stories that draw on the lore and history, the fabric of the state itself, for its source material. What that means is a story about an Egyptian mummy terrorizing a small Arkansas town probably wouldn’t be looked on as favorably as one about a mass murderer who might be the Boggy Creek Monster.

Each collection in the AMERICAN HORROR STYLE imprint will focus on a specific state of the Union. The stories in each volume will be horror themed and must be set in a real location within the appropriate state. It is encouraged that the tales be centered around some aspect of horror that is either tied to the state or is at least highly indicative of the state covered in the anthology.

All 50 anthologies are currently open for submission. The target goal for these works is 60 thousand words, which is a full size book. But if a particular book only reaches 30 thousand words, then that book will be published as a digest anthology. Pro Se will make the decision on which format to publish in per title as stories are accepted and completed.

Stories for the HORROR AMERICAN STYLE series must be 8-10,000 words in length. Those interested in submitting a proposal should contact to express interest in submitting. Proposals MUST specify in the subject AMERICAN HORROR STYLE: State’s Name PROPOSAL.  

city mythologica

An innovator in Genre Fiction, Pro Se Productions announces announces an open call for submissions for four books in a new anthology series.

CITY MYTHOLOGICA is a new and exciting concept. The premise is simple to state, but not necessarily so easy to explain. Essentially, each anthology will focus on a different city. The stories in the anthology will not only have to be set in the city the book is centered on, but they must be mythological in nature. That’s the part that some may not understand, but there are cities around the globe that are historic, that have such a rich lineage all their own, that they very much deserve, and some even already have, to a degree, their own myths, tales that explain why events happen or things are a certain way in that city. Some would say that some cities already have their own pantheon of gods and goddesses. What CITY MYTHOLOGICA will do simply is make that all true by establishing a mythology for the cities the series focuses on.

CITY MYTHOLOGICA will be an anthology series focused on applying the concept of mythology to cities. The intent of the stories should be to build a pantheon of gods and goddesses as well as heroes of mythological proportions for the cities spotlighted AND/OR explain a particular characteristic/aspect/event associated with a city in a way that classic myths of ancient civilizations did. The intent is NOT to adapt gods of other myths or events from other mythologies into these stories, but rather to create from only what the city has to provide a new mythology specific to its own location.

“We don’t want Zeus as a tycoon,” states  Tommy Hancock, Pro Se's Editor in Chief and the architect of this concept. “Instead, just using this as an example from one of the cities we’re focusing on first, what if W.C. Handy were the god of music? And understand, we want writers to play with this in their unique way, so they can establish characters as gods and over the top heroes or villains from the get go, or it can be stories of their ‘ascension’ as it were. We also need just as many stories explaining why something is the way it is in a particular city, but not froma historical perspective as much as a mythological ‘Why is Broadway in New York’ sort of thing. Sure, the stories can be and should in most cases be based on the city’s history, but beyond that, we are seeking myths.”

The first four cities to be focused on for CITY MYTHOLOGICA are Memphis, Tennessee, New Orleans, Louisiana, New York City, New York, and Chicago, Illinois. Future books will focus on other American cities as well as cities around the globe.

Stories for the CITY MYTHOLOGICA series must be 8-10,000 words in length. 


Radio, much like TV, in its Golden Age was the home to many great series. Just as many, if not more series, however, never got beyond an audition recording and because of that some potentially fantastic concepts never had a chance with fans. Pro Se Productions takes just one such program considered to be in the Public Domain and brings it to today’s readers. Submissions are now being accepted for THE SCARLET CLOAK, an anthology based on a single audition program.

Anyone listening to THE SCARLET CLOAK will definitely realize it is a recasting of the ZORRO legend as created by Johnston McCulley. The fact that it is a single show without much of its own background and history, however, makes it a prime playground for authors.

Returning to 1840s Monterrey after being gone since witnessing his parents murdered as a child, Brad Carver comes home seeking their killer, a man whose face he cannot remember, but who bears a rapier scar on his shoulder. Upon his homecoming, an old family retainer informs Carver that the mystery masked rider he once entertained Brad with stories of as a child, El Diablo, was in fact real and had been his father. Seeing a need for such justice to return, Carver resumes the mantle and billowing scarlet cloak of his father and El Diablo rides once more, ever closer to the man with the scar, even though Carver himself doesn’t even know that.

The only existing episode of THE SCARLET CLOAK can be found here- Stories must use the information provided in this program as a foundation.

Stories must be 8,000-10,000 words in length. The stories must be stand alone, not direct follow ups to the first episode. The villain revealed in Episode One is not to be revealed in any of the stories in this collection. It must also be noted that this villain is the man with the scar that the lead character seeks for the purposes of these stories.

the blue circle

Continuing its expansion of its PULP OBSCURA imprint, a line aimed at resurrecting forgotten characters from various mediums and giving them new life in modern genre fiction prose, Pro Se Productions announces a call for submissions to an anthology featuring a young hero and the unique group he pulls together to help him battle evil. THE BLUE CIRCLE is now open for proposals.

Appearing in Blue Circle Comics 1-5 (only on the cover of the final sixth issue) and published by Rural Home/Croydon beginning in 1944, The Blue Circle was in fact Len Stafford, a young inventor and man of means who felt the need to don a mask and battle crime. Before doing that, however, he had a rather novel way of getting information and preparing to fight each new foe. Stafford arranged the pardons of seven criminals, masters in each of their illegal fields, and each man pledged to turn a new leaf and serve as a group of usually, but not always, passive advisers that were known collectively as The Blue Circle Council. With information and training from these men, Stafford donned a rather garish outfit and took on the city’s worst criminals, seemingly single handedly.

All five issues of Blue Circle Comics that these characters appeared in are available at Stories must use the information provided in these stories as a foundation. It is possible that a costume change may occur for The Blue Circle as a matter of course, but Pro Se Productions will make this decision as proposals come in.

Stories must be 8,000-10,000 words in length. The stories may run the gamut of type, from strange, even maybe humorous situations to life and death battles. This is, in all essence, a masked vigilante concept with a twist.


Pro Se Productions announces an open call for submissions to a new anthology that actually spun out of a call recently for a different anthology.  Proposals are now being accepted for PULP AMERICANA.

There are things that are or are at least to be considered distinctly American in nature.  Baseball and Apple Pie come to mind, but there’s so much more, so much so that these things are considered Americana.  PULP AMERICANA endeavors for writers to take a concept considered distinctly American and turn it into a tale of action, adventure, intrigue, and all the usual ingredients of a good genre fiction story. 

Stories must be 5,000 to 8, 000 words in length and should center around something universally and commonly considered distinctly American, not simply by the author, but by society as a whole. Any Genre is welcome. Pro Se Productions will make the determination if proposals meet the Americana requirement.