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Batesville, AR 72503

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Based in Batesville, Arkansas, Pro Se Productions has become a leader on the cutting edge of New Pulp Fiction in a very short time.

Pulp Fiction, known by many names and identified as being action/adventure, fast paced, hero versus villain, over the top characters and tight, yet extravagant plots, is experiencing a resurgence like never before. And Pro Se Press, publishing New Pulp since August, 2011, is a major part of the revival, one of the reasons that New Pulp is growing by leaps and bounds!

Pro Se is the place to find Super Heroes, Explorers, Fairies, Werewolves, Men's Men, and Femme Fatales.  Specializing primarily in prose books, anthologies, and magazines, Pro Se has made a commitment to 'Put the Monthly Back into Pulp' and continues to do that successfully, producing at least one New Pulp work every month!  

Pro Se is an innovator in New Pulp, continually refining its presentation and product and working on exciting new veins of New Pulp to bring to readers and fans of all ages everywhere!

Russ Anderson-Author/Staff



RUSS ANDERSON can usually be found in the suburbs of Baltimore, where he lives with his wife, his daughters, an emotionally needy beagle, and a very old, very angry cat. When he's not working for the man, he enjoys bicycling, making up stories, and pie. He is the editor of How The West Was Weird volumes 1 & 2. He is also the formatter and designer for Pro Se's Ebooks as well as an author for Pro Se.


There's a Full House...The Lights are Dimmed...The Audience is Seated..and The best seat in the house is saved for You in the Front Row for THE NEW ADVENTURES OF DIAMONDSTONE THE MAGICIAN from Pulp Obscura by Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press! Created by master Pulp author G. T. Fleming, Diamondstone the Magician was a seasoned sleight of hand artist and stage illusionist who dabbled in the investigation of crime as an amateur detective. Aided by his friend and assistant, Absalom, Diamondstone uses his skills, tricks, and wits to confound, confuse and capture criminals who believe that they can outsmart justice using smoke and mirrors! From out of the past comes New Tales of the Magician Sleuth written by Chuck Miller, Russ Anderson, Jr., Lee Houston, Jr., and Nicholas Ahlhelm! Watch as Diamondstone gives some of his finest performances ever as he steps into the spotlight to solve strange cases and exciting new mysteries in THE NEW ADVENTURES OF DIAMONDSTONE THE MAGICIAN from Pulp Obscura!

The Rook Lives Again! Well known Genre Fiction author Barry Reese created one of the seminal characters of New Pulp when he penned ‘Lucifer’s Cage,’ an engaging adventure story starring Max Davies, troubled millionaire who also fought crime of all colors as the masked vigilante, The Rook! Once more Reese opens the doors wide into the rich, varied universe of his best known character and welcomes a host of authors to tell their own takes on Max Davies and company in TALES OF THE ROOK VOLUME TWO from Reese Unlimited and Pro Se Productions! 

Compelled through dark dreams to hunt down and destroy evil wherever it might hide! Assisted by loyal friends and a vast array of allies from the annals of Classic and New Pulp as well as Comics of a bygone era, The Rook's escapades have been a hallmark in the world of New Pulp! 

TALES OF THE ROOK VOLUME TWO features stories by David White, Sean Taylor, Jim Palmer, Russ Anderson, and Adam Lance Garcia, and a brand new ROOK tale by Reese himself. TALES OF THE ROOK VOLUME TWO takes Reese’s original creation to all new heights, to places not even The Rook has gone before.   

"When The Good Is Swallowed By The Dark... 
There The Rook Shall Plant His Mark!"

Like Bullets from a Tommy Gun, Pro Se Productions delivers Pulp like no one else in Rat-A-Tat: Short Blasts of Pulp! 

Today’s best Genre Fiction authors pull their fedoras down tight, charge their laser blasters, and barrel full speed ahead into Rat-A-Tat. This two fisted collection features short short fiction designed to illicit the same emotions, the same edge of the seat thrill, the same action and adventure as classic Pulp stories and New Pulp novels. Thrill to Pulp delivered in quick, sharp blasts from a rogues’ gallery of authors! 

Rat-A-Tat: Short Blasts of Pulp from Pro Se Productions.

From the Creator of Zorro comes a lost hero of the past- Johnston McCulley's The Man in Purple lives again in THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE MAN IN PURPLE from Pulp Obscura, a Pro Se Productions imprint in conjunction with Altus Press. The Man in Purple is Richard Staegal, a wealthy man-about-town with a colorful past. Donning a purple mask and suit, Staegal leads a life of outrageous adventure stealing from the rich and ruthless and giving the spoils away to the powerless people who are unable to fight for themselves! From out of the past comes new tales of the Violet Vigilante! Featuring Exciting new stories of thrilling capers and fast moving adventure from Russ Anderson, Jr., Ashley Mangin, Lee Houston, Jr., and Terry Alexander! Join the Man in Purple as he takes on new adventures with his nemesis, the intrepid Detective Troman hot on his trail! Bar your windows and lock your doors, but if you're his target, nothing will stand in the way of the Man in Purple in his pursuit of Justice and Adventure! Pulp Obscura Presents THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE MAN IN PURPLE!

Author Russ Anderson, Jr. takes flight with the newest Pro Se Single Shot Signature Series-Fly Girl! 16 year-old Caryn Clay is a Phoenix, AZ girl who would be perfectly happy if you never mentioned (or even noticed) the fact that she’s half-Navajo. She’s never been comfortable with that culture, and she’s never made any bones about that... so she’s more than a little surprised when her Navajo grandmother wills a genuine Thunderbird feather to her - especially when she finds out that the feather grants her limited control over the weather and the ability to fly. Before she can adjust to all of this, a maniac with seemingly unlimited magical power named the Trickster takes her friends hostage, and she must use her own powers—powers she barely understands—to save them.

Russ Anderson Jr’s Fly Girl returns, soaring into her second adventure in her Pro Se Single Shot Signature series as she faces The Ice Queen!

Still reeling from the events of the first story, 16 year old Caryn Clay struggles to understand her newfound abilities, her truly awesome connection with her Navajo heritage, and the attack of another strangely powered figure, known only as The Trickster. Before she can come to grips with any of that, though, a new foe presents herself. Can Caryn survive the chilling vengeance of a wronged girl? And are she and her mystical feather to blame for the destruction wrought by this frigid new enemy? Find out in The Ice Queen, Fly Girl Book Two by Russ Anderson, Jr., the second episode in this recurring Pro Se Single Shot Signature Series.

Russ Anderson Jr’s Fly Girl returns in her third adventure! 

Things are going pretty well for Caryn Clay. She survived her battles with both the Trickster and the Ice Queen, and finally – finally – she seems to be getting the hang of her powers, and the hang of being a celebrity. She has no way of knowing that her strings are being pulled from behind the scenes, by a creature with the power to manipulate even Caryn’s Thunderbird-given gifts, and the ill intentions to turn a relaxing night out into a battle of wills, where Caryn’s worst enemy may be herself. 

 The Old Woman on the Mountain is the third short story in the Fly Girl series by Russ Anderson, Jr. A Pro Se Single Shots Signature Series from Pro Se Productions.

Russ Anderson Jr’s Fly Girl returns in her fourth adventure! 

There's a new hero soaring the skies above Phoenix, Arizona. Bursting out of a forgotten TV show from the '80s, the Blue Bullet is back on the scene and ready to help fight crime in the Valley of the Sun. When Fly Girl meets him, an old-fashioned team-up is in the offing... but when tragedy strikes, she may find out that not everyone is cut out for this superhero gig... 

The Blue Bullet Flies Again is the fourth short story in the Fly Girl series by Russ Anderson, Jr. A Pro Se Single Shots Signature Series from Pro Se Productions.

Russ Anderson Jr’s Fly Girl returns in her fifth adventure!

Weeks after the gift of a Thunderbird feather gave her the power of flight, Caryn Clay - aka Fly Girl - has finally met someone who knows how it all works - her long-lost uncle, Joe Nez. Uncle Joe isn't here to teach her, though. Joe is here to tell her about when Caryn's grandmother wielded the power of Thunderbird, and to share a warning about what can happen if she doesn't start taking her power, and the responsibility that comes with it, more seriously.

The History of Flight is the fifth short story in the Fly Girl series by Russ Anderson, Jr. A Pro Se Single Shots Signature Series from Pro Se Productions.

Russ Anderson Jr’s Fly Girl returns in her sixth adventure!

Sergio Gutierrez is an athlete at Ocotillo High School, who was hospitalized in the very first battle between Fly Girl and the Trickster. With an injury that puts him out of commission for the rest of the football season, he returns to school to find himself surrounded by sympathetic classmates and facing an uncertain future.

The Trickster knows just what to do with Sergio, though. He’s going to harness the resentment and pain that Sergio feels, and use him as the latest—and perhaps final—weapon in his campaign against Fly Girl. But when the Trickster uses his power to unleash the beast inside of Sergio, he may find that he has created a creature that is impossible to control!

The Monster Inside of Me is the sixth short story in the Fly Girl series by Russ Anderson, Jr. A Pro Se Single Shots Signature Series from Pro Se Productions.

Russ Anderson Jr’s Fly Girl returns in her seventh adventure!

In the past, Fly Girl has enjoyed a strained relationship with the police department in her hometown – but when a brilliant criminal sporting equipment and weaponry straight out of a science fiction novel goes on a crime spree in Phoenix, the police have to turn to the flying heroine for help. With her personal life in upheaval, Fly Girl must look past her own problems long enough to stop an enemy who can do everything she can do, and more – and is much, much smarter to boot.

Citizen Superhero is the seventh short story in the Fly Girl series by Russ Anderson, Jr., a Pro Se Single Shots Signature Series from Pro Se Productions.

Russ Anderson Jr’s Fly Girl returns in her eighth adventure!

High school troublemaker Angie Cordova is Fly Girl's best friend, her confidant, her assistant, and the only one who knows her secret identity. Despite all that, Angie has never been in any real danger... until Fly Girl's greatest enemy, The Trickster, shows up on her doorstep. Angie and her family are completely at his mercy; but is he there to hurt her, or to warn her about a danger on the horizon, something far, far worse than himself?

Questions about both Fly Girl and the Trickster are answered, and the Trickster's origin is revealed, as we begin the countdown to the end of Fly Girl, Season 1!

Part of a Fool is the eighth short story in the Fly Girl series by Russ Anderson, Jr., a Pro Se Single Shots Signature Series from Pro Se Productions.

After weeks of tormenting Fly Girl, the Trickster finally makes his move, ripping open a portal to another dimension and threatening all life as we know it. And when Fly Girl tries to stop him, she finds her former friends - the ones the Trickster has turned into super-powered monsters - standing between her and him. But Fly Girl isn't without allies of her own, and the battle royale that follows will spill both blood and secrets on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona.

Rend the Sky is the ninth short story in the Fly Girl series by Russ Anderson, Jr., a Pro Se Single Shots Signature Series from Pro Se Productions.

Watch for A Walk With Coyote, the final episode of Fly Girl Season 1, coming from Pro Se Productions next month!

"Where the Good is Swallowed by the Dark... There the PEREGRINE Shall Plant His Mark!" New Voices guide the Peregrine through dark dreams and savage foes! Max Davies has pursued an ongoing mission of justice and vengeance guided by dark dreams and violent visions which compel him to don the mask of THE PEREGRINE. The creation of award winning Genre Fiction author Barry Reese, the amazing adventures of the Peregrine have been devoured by a loyal audience who await Max's next adventure in the ever expanding REESE UNLIMITED universe. THE PEREGRINE OMNIBUS VOLUME THREE brings together an allstar line-up of New Pulp's finest who lend their distinct voices to the narrative of Reese's signature hero.