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Based in Batesville, Arkansas, Pro Se Productions has become a leader on the cutting edge of New Pulp Fiction in a very short time.

Pulp Fiction, known by many names and identified as being action/adventure, fast paced, hero versus villain, over the top characters and tight, yet extravagant plots, is experiencing a resurgence like never before. And Pro Se Press, publishing New Pulp since August, 2011, is a major part of the revival, one of the reasons that New Pulp is growing by leaps and bounds!

Pro Se is the place to find Super Heroes, Explorers, Fairies, Werewolves, Men's Men, and Femme Fatales.  Specializing primarily in prose books, anthologies, and magazines, Pro Se has made a commitment to 'Put the Monthly Back into Pulp' and continues to do that successfully, producing at least one New Pulp work every month!  

Pro Se is an innovator in New Pulp, continually refining its presentation and product and working on exciting new veins of New Pulp to bring to readers and fans of all ages everywhere!


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Author James R. Tuck, creator of Deacon Chalk and co-author of Titan Books’ new occult Robin Hood series, recently launched his Hollow Earth series with Champion of Hollow Earth from Pro Se Productions. Now publisher and author announce an open call for the next volume in the series, an anthology of stories set in Tuck’s Hyperborea.  Heroes of Hollow Earth is now open for proposals and submissions.

Art by Jeffrey Hayes

Art by Jeffrey Hayes

“When you have a creator,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, “like James R. Tuck crafting an entire world, it’s a truly awesome thing.  What makes it even better is the chance to let others throw themselves into it, to see what they can manufacture from the magick and madness of Hollow Earth.  Tuck has set a fantastic canvas for the best in Genre Fiction today to carve words into. This is literally a collection I can hardly wait to read.”

Heroes of Hollow Earth will be a multi-author anthology chronicling the struggle to survive in Hyperborea, a land that exists inside a Hollow Earth. It is a war-torn place where humans fight to live against the unstoppable Kurg, a race of Nazi Lizard men, and their bloodthirsty Reptile Reich. Only the final spell of Hyperborea's greatest wizard offers a glimmer of hope. His dying breath calls a Champion. But, also in that breath, others are summoned, gateways across space and time are opened bringing other potential warriors to Hollow Earth.  And each of these accidental travelers will have their own tales to hack and slice out of the war torn land of danger and wonder, as do the citizens of Hollow Earth, and even the venomous Kurg.  Tales to be told in Heroes of Hollow Earth.

Stories for Heroes of Hollow Earth must be no less than 4,000 and no more than 6,000 words and can deal with those who live in Hyperborea or those yanked into the new world. Tales may even focus on the Kurg. This is a work for hire assignment and payment will be a split of royalties among accepted authors.  Authors interested in submitting a story proposal should send an email expressing said interest and requesting the Hollow Earth Bible to by October 15th.  There are 10 story slots available in this anthology and if all 10 are filled prior to October 15th, then the call will close. 

If a writer’s proposal is accepted, then the completed story must be submitted to on or before January 1, 2016 for final review and approval.  No extensions will be given as this book is scheduled for publication in March 2016

Any questions concerning this call for submissions should be directed to To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to Like Pro Se on Facebook at