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Based in Batesville, Arkansas, Pro Se Productions has become a leader on the cutting edge of New Pulp Fiction in a very short time.

Pulp Fiction, known by many names and identified as being action/adventure, fast paced, hero versus villain, over the top characters and tight, yet extravagant plots, is experiencing a resurgence like never before. And Pro Se Press, publishing New Pulp since August, 2011, is a major part of the revival, one of the reasons that New Pulp is growing by leaps and bounds!

Pro Se is the place to find Super Heroes, Explorers, Fairies, Werewolves, Men's Men, and Femme Fatales.  Specializing primarily in prose books, anthologies, and magazines, Pro Se has made a commitment to 'Put the Monthly Back into Pulp' and continues to do that successfully, producing at least one New Pulp work every month!  

Pro Se is an innovator in New Pulp, continually refining its presentation and product and working on exciting new veins of New Pulp to bring to readers and fans of all ages everywhere!


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Pro Se

An innovative publisher of Genre Fiction and New Pulp, Pro Se Productions announces an open submissions call for stories set on that celestial body that man has been fascinated with for centuries.  Tales of colonization and adventure are requested for an anthology entitled PROJECT: MOONBASE. 

Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of and Partner in Pro Se, states, “The moon has been a source of awe and inspiration for as long as the human eye could comprehend it most likely.  And the concept of living on the moon, of traveling from the Earth and setting up some sort of civilization on that hunk of rock is probably just as old.  Most definitely, we know that the idea of a moonbase, of settling on the moon, has been a staple of science fiction in the past.  PROJECT: MOONBASE will not only revisit that trope, but invites authors to make it their own.”

PROJECT: MOONBASE stories must take place fully on the moon and must deal with human beings attempting to colonize or successfully colonizing the moon.   As for time period and use of alien races, there is no restriction.  Pro Se Productions would like to see some ‘traditional’ submissions of moonbase stories; domed cities, astronauts setting up their settlements, and so on. But Pro Se Productions is also open to unique takes on the concept, as long as the basic conceit of it taking place on the moon and being an attempt to colonize by Earthlings is also included.

Stories for PROJECT: MOONBASE must be 10,000 words in length.   A proposal of 100-500 words must be submitted to  Authors not previously published by Pro Se Productions must submit a writing sample of at least two pages with their proposals. Authors whose proposals are accepted must submit the first four pages of their accepted stories as quickly as possible for review by Pro Se staff.  Final deadline for completed stories is 90 days following acceptance of proposals. 

PROJECT: MOONBASE is scheduled for publication in late 2015 by Pro Se Productions.

For more information on this title, contact Morgan Minor, Pro Se’s Director of Corporate Operations, at

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